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Mental Health Month

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Mental Health Month

The Mentoring Cell of SCMS NOIDA proudly celebrated Mental Health Month from the 4th to the 27th of October 2023, with a series of activities aimed at promoting emotional well-being and self-awareness. This initiative was a significant step toward fostering a supportive and empathetic community among the students.

Band Activity- October 4th: The week kicked off with an engaging band activity at the Amphitheatre. To emphasize the importance of acknowledging and addressing our emotions, different bands were labeled with various emotional themes i.e. Happiness, Ambition, Love, Hope, Courage and Faith. Students participated actively, and the most selected bands were Happiness, Love, Faith, and Hope. These emotions later became the central themes for the seminar dated October 27, 2023.

Spin the Wheel- October 19th:On the 19th of October, the 'Spin the Wheel' event took place, which added an element of fun and spontaneity to the mental health week. A wheel was used, featuring a list of numbers. Each number corresponded to chits, which contained various tasks aimed at promoting kindness, gratitude, and self-reflection. These tasks included writing a kind note to a stranger, calling your parents to express appreciation, giving a flower to the stationery shop uncle, and much more. This event encouraged students to engage in acts of kindness and reflection.

Key to Good Life- October 27th: On October 27, 2023, a seminar titled "Key to Good Life" was conducted by our counseling psychologist, Ms. Aakriti Chaudhary, in the Seminar Hall of SCMS Noida. This seminar was a part of the Mental Health Week celebration, which aimed to promote awareness and well-being among the students.

Ms. Chaudhary began the session by reflecting on the emotions that were primarily selected in the initial activity of the week, which were "Happiness," "Love," "Faith," and "Hope." These emotions were identified as central themes for the week's events, and they served as the foundation for the discussions during the seminar. The seminar focused on the pivotal role that relationships play in an individual's life. Ms. Chaudhary elaborated on three types of attachment styles: "Secure," "Anxious," and "Avoidant." This discussion provided students with valuable insights into how their attachment styles might influence their mental well-being and interpersonal relationships.

It also encouraged students to reflect on their mental health priorities. Some participants emphasized the importance of financial stability (money), while others highlighted the significance of their family and relationships. A significant portion of the students recognized the value of both financial stability and emotional well-being (happiness).

Ms. Chaudhary integrated this feedback into her therapeutic session, offering guidance and support based on individual preferences and concerns. This personalized approach aimed to address the mental health needs of each student. Furthermore, she shared insights from research conducted on the emotions of happiness, love, faith, and hope. These findings helped students gain a deeper understanding of the role these emotions play in their overall well-being and the importance of nurturing positive emotions. As a practical takeaway, Ms. Chaudhary provided two QR codes to the participants. One of these QR codes was related to a happiness profile, and the other was centered on love. These resources allowed students to explore their personal preferences and better understand their emotional well-being.

The seminar on "Key to Good Life" facilitated a meaningful dialogue about the significance of emotions and relationships in students' lives. It provided valuable resources and insights to support mental health and well-being. The session underscored the importance of understanding one's emotional landscape and seeking ways to achieve a fulfilling and balanced life.Hence the event was concluded with a vote of thanks on behalf of the cell.

Some geotagged photographs of the event:

Key to good life event at SCMS Noida
Band activity at SCMS Noida
Band event activity at SCMS Noida
Band event celebration at SCMS Noida
SCMS Noida activity photo

Faculty Incharge- Mentoring Cell
Dr. Kanishka Gupta

Officiating Director
Dr. Nidhi Phutela

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