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Matribhasha Diwas

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Matribhasha Diwas

Matribhasha Diwas SCMS NOIDA

Matribhasha Diwas - International Mother Language Day is a worldwide annual observance held on 21 February 2021 to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and to promote multilingualism.

The day was also celebrated in an unique way at SCMS-NOIDA by the Library club. The club conducted an activity called ‘Shabd’ was a great planned activity which received quite entries. The objective of the event was to provide and encourage students on the need to impart communication skills and develop proficiency in mother tongue, that will help them utilize their story writing and imagination skills. The idea behind such a day was to inspire solidarity based on understanding, tolerance, cultural traditions and also create a complete awareness for Indian languages.

The activity started on 24th February and took entries till 27th February. The entries were then given to the Literary club in which they decided to pick the winners so that their work can be seen by everyone.

The final results were declared on 1st March. For judgment, the Literary Club played a significant role. This was the very first event of the Library club and the team had worked together creating a decent work atmosphere under the guidance of Dr. Shikha Singh (Head-Student Affairs Council) and Ms. Sharmila Atri (Officer-Student Affairs). The objectives of the event were fulfilled providing students an opportunity to participate in activity plus interact with the Library club. Gradually the club will come up with more exciting events which will have more interaction with students.

No. of entries - 10

No. of participants - 8

Event Coordinator:

Dr. Shikha Singh
(Head-Student Affairs Council)


Dr. K.P.Venugopala Rao