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Muskaan: To Bring a Smile on Each Face

Profusion and abundance have surfaced as one of the most visible indicators of our standard of living. Despite the fact that most of us have more than we need, there are millions of children and families who belong to lower-income communities or are less privileged. Their deplorable lifestyle and limited income restrict them from purchasing new clothes, shoes, utensils etc., or food grains for surviving. Organizing a donation drive is a wonderful way to share our profuse resources with people in need.

On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Prof. S.B. Mujumdar, Founder and President of Symbiosis International (Deemed) University, the Institute Social Responsibility (I.S.R) Club, SCMS NOIDA, took the initiative to organize a Donation Drive “Muskaan: To Bring a Smile on Each Face”. The drive was initiated on 15th July,2022 and continued for 21days

The main objective of the drive was to provide aid to needful people who unfortunately cannot afford the basic necessity of life and to build generosity by bridging the gap between less fortunate people and the ones who are willing to help those for a generous living. Further, this initiative was to deliver a new vision to the volunteers so that they look towards society with a new perspective.

This initiative was taken in collaboration with Goonj and Robin Hood Army.

All faculty, staff, students contributed clothes, shoes, food grains etc which was further handed over to the NGOs.