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Team Building Activities

On November 8th, 2023, the Symbiosis Center for Management Studies, NOIDA, orchestrated a captivating treasure hunt, transforming the atmosphere into a memorable celebration. This gathering transcended the typical festive spirit, becoming a lively manifestation of collaborative efforts within our faculty and staff. Establishing robust connections among faculty and staff members is pivotal for success in the academic realm. The event showcased remarkable achievements achievable through unity under capable leadership.

The festivities also featured another engaging activity that seamlessly combined enjoyment with collaborative essence, which formed a pyramid-shaped cup arrangement during a balloon's mid-air suspension, adding an extra layer of excitement. This resulted in some sparking instant enthusiasm. These activities underscored the significance of coordination, effective communication, and mutual support, emphasizing that working together makes extraordinary results possible.

As the event concluded, the room echoed with smiles and a shared sense of experience. The evening's conclusion, marked by laughter and shared memories, made it clear that such events are not only for celebrating festivals but also for strengthening the bonds that define our institution as a family. Together, we thrive and shine, making this day more than just a festival but a lasting reminder of the strength embedded in our teamwork.

Some geotagged photographs of the event:

Diwali celebration photo at SCMS Noida
Diwali celebration at SCMS Noida
Diwali celebration activity  at SCMS Noida
Diwali celebration activity photo at SCMS Noida

Faculty Incharge- Mentoring Cell
Dr. Kanishka Gupta

Officiating Director
Dr. Nidhi Phutela

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