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SCMS NOIDA organized a Traditional Day on the 2nd of March 2022 to mark the beginning of Symaroh 2022. The students were invited to wear Indian traditional outfits and were provided with the opportunity to express themselves by wearing century’s worth of tradition for the day.

Several games and activities were planned for the day in the common room areas, where anyone could walk in at any time of the day and participate. Activities performed were ‘The Coke Champion’ where students would consume small glasses of coke and the one who manages to drink the most glasses in the limited amount of time wins, ‘Stack the Glass’ where students would be given a certain number of glasses and will then be informed to stack them strategically. The one who stacks them first wins. The next activities were ‘Rangoli’ where Team Aarang, who has continued to impress us with their decorations and art, mesmerized us with all their rangoli designs, ‘The Color Conundrum’ where you check to see if your eyes coordinate with your brain by noticing if you see the colour or the word first, ‘Got a secret?’ where anonymous confession of unsaid kind words was spoken to brighten up someone’s day and finally ‘To do or To tell’, a classic ice-breaker game which is the quickest way to socialize through a fun-filled session of inquisitive creativity and time-bound to-do’s.

After the classes had ended for the day, all the students were invited to the college entrance to dance to the beats of Dhol. The audience was energized and happy which successfully marked an end to Traditional Day. 

Traditional Day was a perfect way to celebrate togetherness among the students and an even perfect way of welcoming the Upcoming Mega Annual Cultural Fest of the Year SYMAROH 2022.