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An Initiative to Collect Food Grains for the Underprivileged

Covid-19 has pushed millions of people into the vicious circle of poverty. Many people have lost their jobs due to the adverse effect of the pandemic on the different sectors of the economy. People are, therefore, struggling for their day-to-day requirement of food. 

To help such people, the ISR club of SCMS Noida has started a 'Fight Hunger' Campaign during the month of 28th July- 10th August 2020. In this campaign, food grains were collected from students, staff, faculty, and outsiders. This pandemic did not hold back the students, faculty, and the outsiders from participating, just like we would have been active on campus, we are active off-campus. E-commerce companies and delivery services proved as a blessing for the successful completion of this drive. Students and outsiders actively contributed to this noble cause by donating food grains through various e-commerce platforms. The institute has collected 96 kgs of foodgrains. The collected food grains were handed over to an NGO Robin Hood Army (RHA) for the distribution of the same to the needy people. 

Students were apprehensive about the initiative, but the online platform gave them an opportunity to continue with their contribution, where they could safely help others in need. The efforts of students namely Madhur Jain, Trisha Nagpal, Manvika Singh, Yashi Mohan, Yash Agarwal, Nishtha Beniwal, Jai Yuvraj Malik, Shivani Sharma, Stuti Jain, and Anshul Bajaj in planning, promotion, and logistics made this drive successful.

Fight hunger club SCMS NOIDA