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Finance Day

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Finance Day

Financial Gladiators was conducted by the Finance and economics cell of SCMS NOIDA (Vittarth), on 20th of Jan 2016. The event constituted of five games namely – Rags to riches, Drug Mafia, Bidwiser, Bank-a-war and Pop the clue. The participating teams had to play all the games in a predetermined sequence given to them and the team who managed to finish all the five games in minimum time was announced the winner “Alpha Gladiator”.

For selection of the participants a preliminary round was conducted on 18th of Jan 2016, where 192 students had participated out of which 60 students were selected on the basis of their merit and were divided into 10 teams. The preliminary round included 30 questions which were presented through a power point presentation.

The basic objective of the event was to introduce the students to the concept of biding, currency exchange, risk analysis, banking terminologies etc. through a very different and new concept of game.