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Subject Guidelines and Electives

The BBA Programme at Noida offers the ‘Cafeteria approach’ to students to select subjects of their choice. There will be four core subjects in every semester which are compulsory. Each core subject carries 4 credits and will be taught for 60 hours. Apart from these, the students have to select three elective courses. Elective courses carry 3 credits each and will be taught for 45 hours.


  1. A student is required to gain 150 credits for a Bachelor’s degree @ 25 credits per semester.
  2. Each core course is for 4 credits and each elective course is for 3 credits.
  3. All core courses are compulsory.
  4. In each semester the student would require to gain at least 9 credits from any of the streams and complete all the core courses of the semester i.e. a student is required to take 3 elective courses and 4 core courses in each semester.
  5. At the end of the third year, the student would have gained 96 credits from 24 core courses and 54 credits from 18 elective courses.
  6. In addition, a student would be required to take compulsory certificate courses of 2 to 3 credits each on courses namely Constitution of India, Business Ethics, Disaster Management etc. These credits will be over and above the stipulated 150 credits of the BBA programme. These credits will be suitably spaced out during the course of the three years of the programme.

The electives can be selected from a variety of streams as listed below:

  1. Corporate Management
  2. Banking, Finance and Insurance
  3. Retail Management
  4. Travel and Tourism

A student would be awarded a BBA degree in a particular stream if he has gained at least 30 out of 54 elective credits in one stream (i.e., 10 out of the 18 courses must be of one particular stream).

Note: A stream would be offered only if there are 30 students or more opting for it.