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BBA Program Guidelines

BBA Program Guidelines

BBA program provides a framework where a student can select from a basket of courses from multiple specializationsoffered under BBA. The Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) is adopted to give flexibility to the students to take up courses of their choice across various specializations. Semester I and Semester II have core subjects that are mandatory for all the students. These subjects are taken from all the specializations to lay the foundation of the specialization. From Semester III onwards, students can select their specialization. We offer multiple specializations:

  • Financial management
  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business
  • Business Analytics

From Semester III onwards a student has to study core subjects plus 2 subjects from the specialization of their choice plus one subject from another specialization. Satisfactory completion of the letter grade course 'Integrated Disaster Management' is also mandatory for the award of degree. 

Apart from the curriculum, SCMS NOIDA provides an opportunity to students to go abroad under Global Immersion Program (GIP) for Semester exchange, Summer school, Study tour and Service learning. This activity has been initiated by SCMS NOIDA in consultation with SCIE as per SIU guidelines. Under this initiative, the students get an opportunity to study abroad at our Partner Universities of their choice. The SCMS NOIDA students may attend summer schools which usually last for two to four weeks in duration and are normally held in spring or summer.

With a view to imbibe flexibility in learning and to encourage students to gain exposure into interdisciplinary courses, SCMS NOIDA requires 12 credits of the BBA program to be acquired under a Floating credit program. Here, students may choose to study a semester abroad under a Global Immersion Program (GIP) which entitles them to transfer 12 of their credits earned from the Partner University, back to SCMS NOIDA. Students not opting for GIP will seek to obtain these 12 credits by choosing from an array of courses, under the heads, IICT, Liberal Arts, Skill Development, Service Learning Courses, etc. The ultimate aim of the institute is always to empower its students with a sound knowledge base through experiential learning, developresearch aptitude in students, inculcation of values,holistic development through cultural and sports activities and provide an environment that is conducive to learning.

Award of Degree

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) will be awarded at the end of semester VI examination by taking into consideration the performance of all semester examinations on obtaining minimum 4 CGPA out of 10CGPA.