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HR Day 2019

January 8, 2019

"Human Resources isn't a thing we do. It's the thing that runs our business"

The HR Club – Think Tank at SCMS, NOIDA organized an HR Day to promote students to develop team building spirit, business acumen and leadership skills with active participation. The club’s major goal is to introduce HR practices and decision making skills in challenging situations. The club tries to incubate future leaders by engaging diverse innovative methodologies so as to enable them to create students’ interest towards Human Resource Management and develop interpersonal skills needed in the corporate world. The HR Club has its focus on how to have better human resources and to maintain good human relations in terms of organization. Therefore, to meet the club’s objective, the club organized HR day. 

HR Day was organized on 8 January 2019. It was an intra-institute event wherein many students participated with full enthusiasm and zeal. HR faculty gave students’ knowledge and innovative ideas to help them transform their department for betterment in their future organizations. With this intention, students organized a number of events related to HR activities that gave the students a practical insight and made them learn through fun. The major highlight of the event was Snakes and Ladders. This innovative idea led to increase in participation of students. More than 10 teams participated in this game. Also, a quiz was organized to judge the knowledge of students in the field of HR. A rapid fire round was taken up as a tie-breaker because there was a tie between two teams. 

In a continuous learning environment at SCMS NOIDA, team-building activities in the form of various games have helped students to improve their communication, coordination and inter-personal skills. All the winners were given certificates and mementoes for their exemplary performance

HR Day Celebration

HR Day 2019 - SCMS NOIDA
HR Day Symbiosis NOIDA 2019
HR Day - Symbiosis NOIDA 2019