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Marketing Day 2017

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Marketing Day 2017

February 21, 2017

As rightly said by Simon Sinek- “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” STOMP the marketing Club of SCMS NOIDA took plethora of initiatives ranging from knowledge sharing sessions to organizing fest in the form of Marketing Day in the campus. It aims for holistic development of the students in the field of marketing and keep them updated in the latest field. 

One such initiative was to celebrate Marketing Day, organized on February 21, 2017. A wide range of brain stimulation and students engaging activities were conducted. Some of the prominent sub events included: The Adzap (Ad-Mad Show), Market Mania (Mock Market), and Markaholics (Brand Quiz). These events inculcated the application based learning approach and helped in giving students practical exposure in the field of marketing. Every event was unique in itself and was engineered to match the interests of the students. 

The Ad Mad Show was an excellent event to bring out the advertiser out of the students and make them think out of the box and act from the perspective of a marketer. This event was all about pitching, planning and then proceeding with a product innovatively. The Mock Market marked the experiential learning and on-field side of the marketing day. This event was aimed at giving the participants an insight into the real business world as they got a chance to run businesses for a day with real customers and real money. 

All the events were aimed at igniting the young minds to create a world of sustainable and innovative creations and bring out the best of the participants teaching them to think differently. Apart from this, to impart value based learning, students initiated to put up a stall of NGO in the Mock Market, where the products made by differently abled were sold.