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World Environment Day

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World Environment Day

5 June, 2019

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5th June across countries. For healthy living, environment plays an important role. Environment is just like our neighborhood, its surrounding conditions influence us and modify growth and development. In this regard, Symbiosis Center for Management Studies NOIDA takes several initiatives to spread awareness about the deteriorating climatic conditions and the ways to protect the environment. 

One such initiative was taken on June 5, 2019 under which all the faculty, staff members, and students participated in plantation drive at various levels. The tree plantation drive was carried out throughout the year 2019. The celebration started with the plantation of super plants (providing more oxygen as compared to regular plants) like snake plant, money plant, by our faculty and staff members. These plants are relatively more capable of purifying the air as compared to regular plants. Tree plantation drive was also conducted for regular plants wherein regular plants were planted inside the campus premises as well as in the neighboring areas. Our students also participated in the same and created awareness in their respective societies as well as in the neighborhood.