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Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, NOIDA is going to organize its flagship cultural fest, Symaroh 2022 on 4th and 5th March, 2022. Being one of the flagship events, Symaroh has played a significant role in the holistic development of the studnets, allowing students to participate in a variety of activities such as singing, painting, dancing, managing, treasure hunts, debate, and so on.

It's a place where we're all surrounded by lovely lighting, enticing music, a DJ, and delectable food. Symaroh evokes memories of a large group of people, competitions, and ethnic diversity, all of which create fond recollections. Symaroh 2022 will be jam-packed with academic, non-academic, and cultural events, allowing students to participate in a range of activities which helps them in developing many useful skills that can prove to be beneficial in their future endeavours. It is an excellent venue that combines the competitive spirit, collaborative learning, and eager participants displaying both academic and non-academic abilities. It helps the students in engaging with 500+ college students from over Delhi-NCR. It is a platform where students are given an opportunity to hone their team building skills, management skills as well as people skills and become better learners, leaders and performers. Symaroh is sponsored by some of the most renowned companies in industry.

Symaroh 2022 stimulates the interests, innovation and creativity of the students. The events in Symaroh are designed in such a way which provides a perfect combination of work, enjoyment, leisure as well as academic activities which helps in the holistic development of the students.

But most important of all, Symaroh is all about having fun, living in the now, and collecting memories that will last long after you graduate from college as it is a celebration of joy, love, togetherness and laughter.

Come and join us on a thrilling journey like never before!!