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Qrious 2020

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About the Quiz

We are organizing an Online Quiz – An Intra College Quiz Competition.  Those who have the quest for excellence in knowledge can come forward. You can appear for the quiz from your home without having to worry about the restrictions of the lockdown. There will be two rounds of this quiz:

  1. Round 1 There will be 30 Logical Reasoning/ Quantitative Ability/ Verbal Reasoning/ Data Interpretation questions and 15 minutes will be given to solve the Quiz. This will be an elimination round. Only top 25% of the students will be selected for the second round.
  2. Round 2 This round will comprise of 50 MCQs related to General Management and it will be a timed quiz of about 15 minutes. Three students with the highest scores (Compiled score of Round 1 & 2) will be selected as the winner*.   

*Final rights of the result will be vested with the moderator. Any discrepancy will be sorted out by the moderator and the moderator’s result will be final.


The activity will help you unfold your knowledge in the area of Management/ Business/ Logical Reasoning. It will also stimulate you to enhance your mental ability and develop a logical way of thinking.

How to Register

If you have the inquisitiveness in you, register yourself through the following link:


  1. A link will be shared on the day of the test. On clicking the link, you will be directed to a new window.
  2. You will have to enter your PRN to attempt the quiz (in the space provided) and click Ok, Go! (In case, Pin is asked for, enter the Game Pin shared).
  3. You will enter the Quiz room and the questions will start coming up simultaneously.
  4. Once you have attempted the first question, you will see the tab 'next'. On clicking next, you will be directed to the next question.