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Qrious 2020

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About the Quiz

Creative Minds Never Sleeps!’ Isn’t it!! Amid COVID-19 pandemic, with an objective to constructively engage the students, we organized an Online Quiz – An Intra College Quiz Competition. The event was named as Qrious – Quiz for the Inquisitive Learner. The activity helped the students in unfolding their knowledge in the area of Management/ Business/ Logical Reasoning. It also stimulated them to enhance their mental ability and develop a logical way of thinking. The best part was the students could appear for the quiz from their home without having to worry about the restrictions of the lockdown. 

There were two rounds of this quiz:

Round 1 – The first round of the quiz was conducted on June 27, 2020 based on 30 Mental Ability questions. This mental aptitude test included questions on Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Ability, Verbal Reasoning & Data Interpretation. These types of questions help in analysing the reasoning and interpretation skills of the students. Only 15 minutes were given to solve the Quiz. This was an elimination round. 100 students volunteered and registered for the Quiz. Top 25% of the students were selected for the second round.

Round 2 – The second round of the quiz was conducted on July 2, 2020 based on 50 MCQs related to General Management. It was a timed quiz of about 20 minutes. In this round the questions were based on the topics that were generally covered or discussed during the classes. The topics covered were picked up from various courses like Marketing, Finance, Business Analytics, Economics, Statistics, International Business and Human Resource Management. Twenty students were selected for the second round and finally three students with the highest scores (Compiled score of Round 1 & 2) were declared as the winners. Sejal Sehgal, Vansh Narang and Arushi Varma from BBA 2018-21 Batch secured the first, second and third positions respectively.