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Battle of Wits

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The Battle of Wits

On September 15, 2021, the Human Resource (HR) Club of SCMS NOIDA hosted the very first academic event of the year 2021-22, ‘The Battle of Wits’. Students from all the three batches actively took part in the event. The primary motive was to refine skills of the students in the field of Management and HR by providing them with the basic knowledge as well as practical exposure about the subject.

The event was hosted by core members of the HR Club. The event began with a warm welcome for all the students and faculty members who were present at the event. The event continued with an insightful and inspiring speech by Dr. Ruby Sengar, Area Chair – HR. This was followed by the valuable words of head and student-in-charge of the HR Club, Ms. Sachleen Kaur Bajaj.

The event had two fun-filled and engaging rounds designed to help students comprehend the real-life applications in the field of HR. The first round was ‘Bizquizitive’, a quiz round having 20 multiple-choice questions based on the concepts of Business Administration and Management. This round examined the student’s fundamental understanding of the subject. Around 150 students competed in this stage, with the best 20 advancing to the next level, ‘The Crisis Guru’. Here, each student had to analyze the simulations given to them and provide the best solution for the situation on the spot. This gave them real-world experience of how things work and problems are tackled in the corporate business world.

Winners were declared after the second round by Mr. Narendra Singh Chaudhary and Dr. Rinku Sanjeev who were the judges of the event. Yash Aggarwal (Batch 2019-22) got third position, Karan Arora (Batch 2021-24) came second, and Skand Sharma (Batch 2020-23) won the competition by taking first position. The event ended with the words of appreciation by Dr. Nidhi Phutela, Deputy Director, SCMS NOIDA. For a group shot, everyone was asked to turn on their cameras. The motivation, energy and happiness among all the students was beyond just fantastic! So, it was a very well-executed event that made an indelible impression on everyone who attended.