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Education is such an instrument that can bring social change and facilitate human progress, it is also a powerful medium to cultivate values in an individual. The institute is not only responsible for inculcating professional qualities in students but also makes them thoughtful of social, environment, culture, and economic issues. Institute Social Responsibility (ISR) is the epitome of Symbiosis’s societal conscience. As an active agent of social change, ISR takes on voluntary actions to ignite the spirit of care and awareness towards the society at large by organizing myriad of activities, webinars and campaigns both on campus and online. ISR believes that its role involves something more than simply imparting knowledge and skills to the students but in addition involves considering the welfare of the society.

The ISR Club is not just about helping the underprivileged or protecting the environment. It is more than that, where the students’ self-esteem rises and becomes more responsible and sensitive towards the society at large. Not only that, socially responsible people are in a position to make an impact in their own little ways which provides them with a purpose and self-fulfilment.

Various activities initiated by ISR Club include plantation of trees to promote environment sustainability (Plantation Drive), online teaching to the children of under-privileged class during the lockdown period (Parivartan Campaign), making cost and time effective masks at home using readily available material at home (Mask Force Campaign), Food grain donation (Fight Hunger Campaign). ISR focuses on a large spectrum of service - be it public, educational or any other. Encouraging students to come together and take steps in the creation of an open space of equality and fairness for one and all. The club provides students of Symbiosis with endless opportunities to play their role of being socially responsible. A glimpse of our activities are shared below.