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Scholarship Guidelines

The scholarship guidelines below are a part of Scholarship Policy of Symbiosis Society Foundation for Symbiosis International University (Revised from academic year 2017) for the undergraduate students, know more details.


  1. As per revised policy semester topper will be awarded scholarship based on academic excellence, a minimum GPA of 8.50.
  2. Only those students will be eligible for the award of Merit Scholarship who have cleared the courses prescribed for the respective programme i.e. they should not have any backlog.
  3. There will be no income limit of the parents/guardians of the students for the grant of merit scholarship.
  4. In case a student is eligible for more than one scholarship/ freeship by the University, he/she shall be awarded only one scholarship /freeship as per his/her preference.


  1. The award of merit scholarship for UG programmes shall be announced every year by the University.
  2. If a student declines or cancels his admission, the scholarship amount will not be awarded to any other student but will be refunded by the institute to the University.
  3. The scholarship amount will not be paid to a student. It will be transferred by the University directly to the Institute for the adjustment in academic fee. The cheque of the scholarship amount will be given to the student for the last semester of the program.

Tie breaker

  1. If two or more than two students have the same GPA/CGPA score, then the weighted average of academic score of 10th and 12th shall be considered for breaking the tie for scholarship for the semester I.


If a recipient of merit scholarship is found guilty of gross misconduct his/her case after due warning shall be reported by the institute to the office of student affairs for withdrawal of merit scholarship. The final decision in this regard will be taken by the Advisory Committee of Symbiosis Society Foundation.