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For those eager to learn the art of debating, SYMVAAD, the debating vertical of the Literary Club, SCMS NOIDA, nourishes the debater and orator in you. It encourages cooperation and camaraderie among people and offers a platform where students can learn to put their two cents in and develop a powerful voice. 

SYMVAAD - the debating vertical of the Literary Club, takes pride in announcing the 10th edition of SYMCHARCHAThe Annual Inter-Collegiate Debate Competition to be held on 8th & 9th February 2024. 

SCMS, NOIDA, in conjunction with SYMVAAD, is pleased to host this 10th edition of the Inter-Collegiate Asian Parliamentary Debating Competition- SYMCHARCHA’24 in the offline mode.

Debating allows you to contend in words and imparts valuable knowledge for various academic endeavours and life in general. So, raise “THE DEBATING SPIRIT” and pull your socks up to enjoy every moment of SYMCHARCHA we bring for you on this journey!

This insightful event invites young brains in and around Delhi-NCR interested in putting forward their viewpoints and expanding their knowledge through discussion and deliberation. SYMCHARCHA is the finest platform for those with deep insights and a penchant for debate. The working committee at SCMS, NOIDA, has devoted their hearts and souls to SYMCHARCHA to encourage young debaters to take on significant obstacles and engage in meaningful discussion.

In the words of the working committee, “SYMCHARCHAis a battle of opposing viewpoints, intelligent counterarguments, and persuasive speeches.”

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