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The symphony of debates orchestrated by SYMVAAD, the esteemed debating society of Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Noida; was a profound platform that empowered participants to articulate their beliefs and opinions with meticulous deliberation, ensuring their

voices resonated distinctly. The success of the event was a testament to the seamless integration and collaboration across various verticals of the Organizing Committee, coupled with the unwavering zeal of participating teams.

Celebrating its milestone 10th edition, Symcharcha 2024 unfolded as a dynamic two-day extravaganza, marking a decade of intellectual prowess. Drawing participation from over 34 teams across the Delhi NCR region, the event not only showcased eloquence but also underscored a legacy of successful and meaningful discourse.

Day 1: Prelude to Passionate Discourse

The 10th edition of Symcharcha, our institution's hallmark debating event, commenced with an enchanting opening ceremony in the Seminar Hall. Dr. Nidhi Natrajan, the Hon'ble Deputy Director, graced the occasion with her words of wisdom, setting the stage for an intellectually charged experience. Manya Agarwal (batch 2021-24), the Head of Literary Club Along with The President of Symvaad, extended a formal welcome, marking the beginning of two days dedicated to spirited discussions and eloquent oratory.

The event kicked off with the Core Adjudicators Panel elucidating the rules and guidelines, ensuring a fair and constructive environment. Day 1 unfolded with three preliminary rounds, where participants, fueled by values, power, and charisma, presented compelling opinions.

The impassioned debates witnessed teams qualifying for subsequent rounds based on their persuasive arguments.

Participants were ushered into dedicated rooms for the first round, showcasing a plethora of vehement opinions on motions. The Organizing Committee (OC) ensured not only seamless

arrangements but also upheld the equity policy, addressing any discrepancies that arose during the event. After two collective rounds of debating, participants and the OC were treated to a well-deserved meal, setting the stage for the final round of the day. The meticulous planning of the OC and the commitment of participants created an atmosphere of unfathomable joy.

Day 2: The Climax of Oratory Brilliance

The second day unfolded with participants showcasing their superior orating capabilities, fueled by the anticipation of the massive cash prize pool worth Rs. 1 lakh. Escorted to designated rooms, participants engaged in thorough preparation, leading to clashes of opinions in front of respected adjudicators.

Meticulous judgment processes ensued, resulting in two teams reaching the final round. The grand finale, held in the Seminar Hall, echoed with powerful voices and impassioned speeches. The closing ceremony witnessed the announcement of winners, with team SIMPCHARCHA lifting the trophy as they secured the first prize in Symcharcha 2024.

As the final round concluded, Vimanyu Bhatia (batch 2021-24), Deputy Head of the Literary Club, delivered a heartfelt vote of thanks, marking the end of Symcharcha 2024. The walls of the Seminar Hall resonated with unending applause and cheers, concluding two days filled with intellectual fervor and camaraderie.

Symcharcha 2024 stands as a testament to the institution's commitment to fostering intellectual brilliance and providing a platform for spirited debates. As the echoes of eloquent arguments
fade, we express our deepest gratitude to all participants for making this edition truly memorable.

Until Symcharcha 2025, where we anticipate another chapter of spirited discussions, we bid adieu to this celebration of intellect and camaraderie.

symcharcha SCMS NOIDA 2024
symcharcha SCMS NOIDA 2024
symcharcha - SCMS NOIDA 2024
symcharcha 2024- SCMS NOIDA
SCMS NOIDA symcharcha 2024