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Symaroh 2017

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Symaroh 2017

21-22 January-2017

Symaroh - 2017 - SCMS NOIDA

The Annual Cultural Festival of Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, SYMAROH, was held on the 21st and 22nd of January 2017 at NOIDA stadium. Known to attract the best student talent from across the different institutes across the Delhi –NCR region Symaroh was all set to take things to a greater level this year. 

With competitions in the field of dramatics, dance, film and photography, music, debating and creative writing and informal events with a quirky twist, SYMAROH promised to be an unforgettable event. The professional Fashion show, the Stand Up Comedy show, the much awaited Celebrity Night of famous rapper and singer BADSHAH and the EDM night by FEAT AASTHA GILL have definitely upped the fun quotient of the fest, where participants got an opportunity to display their skills and won the cash prizes in different category of events. 

This particular year our festival has reached at its peak by breaking all the previous records in terms of maximum participation from more than 50 colleges. Our sponsors were big players in the industry to collaborate with. Just to name the few of them were Pulse, Nescafe, Coco berry, Oyo, Big FM 93.5 etc.

Symaroh - 2017 - Symbiosis NOIDA
Symaroh 2017 SCMS NOIDA
Symaroh 2017 - SCMS NOIDA
SCMS NOIDA Symaroh 2017
Symaroh SCMS NOIDA - 2017
Symaroh event SCMS NOIDA - 2017
Symaroh event 2017 -  SCMS NOIDA