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Academic Year 2022-23

Online IPR Workshop under the National Intellectual Property Awareness Mission (NIPAM 2.0)

An Online IPR Workshop was conducted on 7th October 2022 (Friday) from 2.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. under the National Intellectual Property Awareness Mission (NIPAM 2.0); under the aegis of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry. The objective of the workshop was to make the students aware of the importance and types of Intellectual property Rights. Speaker for the same was Mr. Surajit Paul, Examiner of Patents & Designs, Department for Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade (DPIIT), Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India. The workshop was coordinated by Dr. Shinu Vig. All the participating students received certificates of participation from the Ministry.

Skill Development Workshop SCMS NOIDA
CANVA skill development workshop at SCMS NOIDA

Academic Year 2021-22

The event “Entrepreneurship : A journey from mindset to skillset” was conducted on Sep.20,2021 and the number of attendees was 469.The event started with a note of appreciation from the moderator, who introduced Mr Rahul Basak, a renowned TEDx speaker and Co-founder and CEO of Amar Canvas. Head in charge of the EDC Cell, Dr Prashant Dev Yadav, introduced the working of the cell and the basics of entrepreneurship. He explained that why millennials should look towards entrepreneurship as a career option. Entrepreneurship has an impeccable career option that provides the opportunity to start from scratch.

Honorable Director Dr Venugopal Rao started the event with his insightful thoughts on creativity and how important it is to keep creativity as your top tier requirement. We should have an open mindset towards our career and not limit ourselves from exploring the plethora of available opportunities. He emphasized the fact of being more of a job creator than a job seeker.

With this beautiful start, Mr Rahul Basak started the session and shed light on why entrepreneurship is the need of the hour by talking about the Fear of Failure and how important it is to change our mindset. He highlighted the fact that we should keep on exploring new avenues without fearing failure. With this, the session came on to the difference between Entrepreneurship and Business. Entrepreneurship is all about setting up new paths, whereas business is all about experimenting. It was indeed an intriguing session, answering the curiosity of the attendees.

Academic Year 2020-2021

Make IT Happen with Canva: Graphic Designing Skill Development Workshop (TECHNATICS CLUB)

Canva is a simplistic graphic-design application founded in 2012. It provides access to a variety of photographs, vectors, graphics, and fonts. The application exists for both web and print media design and graphics. Canva accounts assist creators to innovate with ease on any web-browser, by following a simple sign-up procedure. This application is available on Android and Apple.

A workshop for Canva was a necessity after recognizing the value it has in our work. As the event commenced, SAC faculty head Dr Shikha Singh welcomed all students and our guest speaker, Mr Yoheswaran (Yogi) Gnanavel. A brief introduction was given by Club-Head Avnie Bansal, followed by Deputy Head Saarthak Barathi who introduced the workshop. Team member, Manvika Singh, introduced Technatics, and Aditya Singh, a member of graphic designing, went ahead to introduce the Canva Application. Shubh Jain introduced our experienced instructor and then began the workshop as planned.

Under the guidance of Mr Yoheswaran (Yogi) Gnanavel, students walked through the entire process of creation as he designed a poster for technatics from scratch. He was open to questions and suggestions on his poster, to which our students responded with utmost excitement and interest. Mr.Yogi’s experience and expertise were hands-on in making the workshop flow smoothly. He even asked students to pitch in ideas as he designed a poster for an explanation. Students very eagerly responded and participated and suggested colour schemes, design/ layout ideas, and more. Some students even designed their posters in live time and sent those in! Canva’s easy to use interface and amazing features alongside a skillful explanation by Mr Yogi made the canva workshop a hit. Mr Yogi explained the basic difference between Canva, and Canva pro -the premium plan of Canva that comes with additional features including unlimited storage for photos and assets. It grants an affordable easy way to use tools to create stunning designs in minutes by yourself without graphic designing skills.

Mr Yogi, enthralled by the enthusiasm participants showed, also promised to surprise three students with Canva pro members for 3 months, based on the design they submit! The workshop resulted in the skill-development of viewers being very enlightening and valuable. Canva has been very relevant for technatics' work, and with an insightful workshop, it has only raised in importance!

Some screenshots of the workshop -

Skill Development Workshop SCMS NOIDA
CANVA skill development workshop at SCMS NOIDA
SCMS NOIDA workshop on CANVA


Technatics – the IT Club of Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Noida organized an online workshop dedicated to Videography for the members of Students Affairs Council (SAC) on September 28, 2020.

Dr. Shikha Singh, faculty in-charge of SAC graced us with her presence and offered her kind words to commemorate this exciting learning opportunity for everyone. The workshop was conducted by a proud alumnus of our very own SCMS Noida, Mr. Alan Jacob, who is currently pursuing MBA from SIU, Indore. 

The video editing was taught on Da Vinci Resolve 16 which is a professional 8K editing, color correction, visual effects and audio post production all-in-one free software with multi user collaboration. Da Vinci Resolve 16 is available for free and is compatible for both Windows and iOS users.

He started with basics of video editing on Da Vinci Resolve as a large majority of the students were not experienced with the art of videography. Tasks like organizing and starting a project, performing basic edits, arranging clips and working in multiple layers, masks and blending techniques, applying and adjusting video/audio effects, creating custom graphics and texts, mixing audio from speech, music and sound effects and exporting a video with the proper settings along with some basic tips and tricks to quicken the pace of editing were taught by him in the workshop. During the Question and Answer Session, students were zealous with their queries. Mr. Alan Jacob humbly answered all doubts and also gave a few hacks to make the process of video editing faster and easier.

All in all, this workshop could cater to the need of the hour that is the self- sufficiency of the students by fulfilling their own IT and Social Media requirements via learning basic editing and also providing a value addition to their skill set.

Academic Year 2019-2020

Logistics & Operations International Workshop

A workshop on “Logistics & Operations” was conducted on the 25th July 2019 for the students of 3rd year (Batch 2017-20) with International Business (IB) electives. The workshop was scheduled to be 4 hours long, led by Mr. Prachur Kumar Shukla, the Head (HR Strategy & Project) at Aluminium Bahrain. The workshop was targeted to discuss the various logistical problems and operational procedures in the International Business. The workshop also covered the various changes w.r.t to Industry 4.0 applicable for the logistics and operations sector in IB.

Gender Sensitization Workshop

A workshop on “Gender Sensitization” was conducted on the 26th of July 2019 & 29th July 2019. The workshop was headed by Ms. Aparna Mittal, Founder of Samana Centre for Gender, Policy & Law based in Delhi. The workshop was conducted for 6 hours, divided into 3 sessions of 2 hours each for the students of 1st year (Batch 2019-22) and 3rd year (Batch 2017-20) on 26th July and for 2 hours for the students of 2nd year (Batch 2018-21) and the faculty members on the 29th July 2019. The workshop addressed the rising need for gender sensitivity and educated the audience about the increasing need for the same. 

Brand Positioning Workshop

A workshop on “Brand Positioning” was conducted on the 26th of July 2019, headed by Mr. Sunil Goklani, COE Indifusion Apparels India Pvt. Ltd. The 2-hour long workshop was conducted for the students of 3rd year (Batch 2017-20). The workshop was conducted to discuss the strategies of Brand Positioning and Planning with a practical approach.

India & International Trade Workshop

The workshop on “India & International Trade” was conducted on the 10th August 2019 and 17th August 2019, for the students of 2nd year (Batch 2018-21) and 3rd-year students (Batch 2017-22) with International Business as an elective. The session was conducted in 2 batches which were for 5 hours each. The resource person for the workshop was Dr. Swati Shukla Singh, Consultant (Asst. Professor), CRIT, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT). Dr. Singh delivered an excellent workshop. She covered many aspects of International Economics, current foreign direct investment (FDI) norms in India, controversies in India’s Foreign Trade and World Trade Organisation (WTO) related matters.

Sales & Leadership Workshop

The workshop based upon the topic of “Sales & Leadership” was conducted on the 13th of August 2019 for the students of 1st year (Batch 2019-22). The session was conducted in 3 batches of 2 hours each. The workshop was headed by Mr. Rahul Bhatnagar, Director & Co-founder of Uprist Services Portal Pvt. Ltd. And Geeko Computertech Pvt. Ltd. He discussed the various aspects of sales and distribution whilst sharing the important role of leadership as a holistic approach. He adopted a mixed pedagogy of discussion and role-plays to make learning more experiential. 

Workshop on “Excel for Data Analytics”

The workshop was a 2-day workshop conducted from 27th September 2019 to 28th September 2019. It was delivered by Dr. Kriti Priya Gupta, Professor (Statistics and Operations Research), SCMS NOIDA and Dr. Nidhi Natarajan, Professor (IT & Analytics), SCMS NOIDA. The workshop’s registrations were open to all the students of SCMS NOIDA as well as external students and corporates. The workshop aimed to discuss the practical application of excel and its utilization for data analytics. The workshop also gave hands-on experience to the participants.

Workshop on “Introduction to R”

The workshop was a 3-day workshop conducted from 15th October 2019 to 17th October 2019. The workshop was delivered by Dr. Kriti Priya Gupta, Professor (Statistics and Operations Research), SCMS NOIDA, and Dr. Nidhi Natarajan, Professor (IT & Analytics), SCMS NOIDA. The workshop’s registrations were open to all the students of SCMS NOIDA as well as external students and corporates. The workshop aimed to discuss the basics of R Programming and its utilization for data analytics.

Faculty Workshop on "Basic Econometrics and Time Series"

The workshop was conducted from 7th November 2019 to 9th November 2019 on “Basic Econometrics & Time Series” by Dr. Ajay Kumar Chauhan, professor at IMT Ghaziabad for 5 hours on each day. The registrations for the workshop were open for external as well as internal faculty members, researchers’ scholars in the area of Economics, and Finance. The basics of econometrics and time series were covered in the workshop using the R software.

Workshop on “Mastering Debates, GDs, Interviews & Extempore”

It was a one-day workshop conducted by Mr. Gagandeep Singh Arora, a Motivational Speaker, Coach & Founder of Gagan’s Winning Edge Persona Program (GWEPP), Delhi. The registrations for this workshop was open for all the students of SCMS NOIDA. The workshop was conducted on the 18th of December 2019. He discussed the various variables that are in action during a group discussion and then different tactics on how to perform well in a group discussion. Later, the workshop consisted of various practice sessions of a stimulating group discussion. The workshop ended with a brief discussion on interviews.

Workshop on “Innovation in Entrepreneurship”

The workshop was conducted on the 11th of January 2020 and 25th January 2020. The workshop was themed upon “Innovation in Entrepreneurship” and was conducted for 3rd-year students (Batch 2017-20). The workshop resource person was Mr. Rakesh Kumar Guran, Founder of ABC of Start-ups. The session was conducted in 2 batches for 8 hours each. The workshop discussed the need and scope of innovation in entrepreneurship while discussing the essentials and basics of venturing into the business Start-ups arena.

Academic Year 2018-2019

Workshop on Electronic Business 

A workshop to give the students an overview of the changing paradigm of business was conducted on 12th March 2018. The resource person for the workshop was Mr. Vijay from Digi Perform.  With the changing technology and era, he spoke about how electronic business is more profitable than traditional business and is the need of the hour, especially in the education sector. Student’s queries were well answered, and the workshop proved to be of high value for the students.

Advertising and Public Relations

A workshop on Advertising and Public relations was conducted by Mr. Amitava Banerjee, consultant, National Foundation for corporate governance on 3rd August 2018. The workshop was targeted to discuss how advertising and public relations play an important role in the success of any business enterprise. The workshop also helped the students to learn the advertising skills needed to be a marketer. The workshop proved to be of high value for students with marketing as their elective. 

India’s Largest Gaming Championship- Dew Arena 3.0

A workshop on India’s largest gaming championship - Dew Arena 3.0 was organized on 21st August 2018. Dew Arena is Mountain Dew’s annual e-sports championship.  This game has broken new ground and helped elevate the stature of Gaming as a sport in the minds of audiences. Mr. Puneet Kumar, Brand manager of Mountain Dew from team Pepsico was the resource person for the workshop and announced that “The Dew Arena 3.0 Finale becomes the first-ever e-sports broadcast on Hotstar”

Personality Development 

A workshop on Personality Development was organized on 25th August 2018. Dr. Reena Nigam, program trainer and Manager training, Amity University was the resource person for the workshop. The sole purpose of organizing this workshop was to make the students aware that personality development plays an essential role in both their professional and personal lives. She spoke about how it makes an individual punctual, disciplined, and eventually an asset to his/her organization. 

Reboot: Digital Channel (RDC)

A workshop on Reboot: Digital Channel (RDC) was conducted by Mr. Vikas Tomar and Mr. Dave L'Heureux from Digi perform on 17th September 2018. They spoke about the different digital channels that are available on the platform and how to choose the best digital marketing platform for your business. All the questions of the students were well answered and enthusiastic participation from the student’s end was seen. 

Sustainable Environment Solutions

A workshop on Sustainable Environment solutions was conducted by Mr. Ravi Bhushan Srivastava from SU-Vikas Foundation on 25th September 2018. The workshop was organized to discuss the sustainable environmental solutions that should be followed by every organization and why is it important. 

Gender Sensitization Workshop

A workshop on “Gender Sensitization” was conducted on the 10th December 2018, the workshop was headed by Ms. Aparna Mittal, Founder of Samana Centre for Gender, Policy & Law. The workshop aimed to address the rising need for gender sensitivity and educate the audience towards the various genders and attitudes towards the same.

Resume Building Workshop

A workshop was conducted upon “Resume Building” on the 4th December 2018 and 18th December 2018, for the students of 1st year (Batch 18-21) and 3rd year (Batch 16-19) respectively. The session was headed by Mr. Rajat Vashishta, Chief Executive at Resumod. In the workshop, Mr. Vashishta covered the various essentials of a resume, as he guided the students throughout the process of building a resume at their online platform.

Career Counselling

A career counseling workshop was conducted on the 3rd January 2019 for all the students of SCMS NOIDA headed by Ms. Apoorva Yadav, Verbal Faculty, Jamboree Education. In the workshop, Ms. Yadav covered the various career opportunities available for them, the competitive examinations they’ll have to appear for, and lastly shared a few tips and tricks for solving some tricky questions in such exams.

Creative Ideas

A workshop on “Creative Ideas” was conducted by Mr. Rakesh Khanna, Creative Director & Founder at Spawn Communications on the 5th of February 2019 for the students of SCMS NOIDA.

SCEW- Improving Self Esteem 

A workshop was conducted by the Symbiosis Centre for Emotional Wellness (SCEW) on “Improving Self Esteem” on the 5th of February 2019 by Ms. Shreya Verma, Psychological Counsellor, Symbiosis Centre for Emotional Wellness. The workshop was conducted individually for each section of SCMS for 1 hour each. In the workshop, Ms. Verma discussed the importance of Emotional Wellbeing, and one can maintain self-esteem in order to be the best of themselves.

Emotional Intelligence

A workshop on “Emotional Intelligence” was covered by Dr. Deepa Goel, Associate Professor, IMS Ghaziabad University Courses Campus for the students of SCMS NOIDA. In the workshop, Dr. Goel discussed the applications and need for understanding of Emotional Intelligence in an organization.

Panel Discussion on Career Opportunities for Specializations

A panel discussion was organized for the students of SCMS NOIDA, on the 11th March 2019. The panel consisted of Mr. Vijit Bery (HCL Bridge), Dr. R. Raman (Director and Professor, SIBM Pune), Mr. S.S. Uberoi (Dy CEO, Air India SATS), Mr. Ram Sharma Varanasi (Vice President - Sales, Dassault Systems) and Ms. Sumita Majumdar (Head of HR, ITC hotels). The panel discussion was themed upon various career opportunities, challenges, and struggles on a practical level for various specializations.

Academic Year 2015-16

Workshop on Communication & Interpersonal Skills

A Workshop on Communication skills - Presentation skills, email writing & avoiding language errors was conducted by Mr. Omar Shah,Col H.S.Walia & Mr. Mark Sheehy on 02/12/15 for the students of BBA 2015-18 Batch.