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  • SCMS-Noida has organized a workshop on "India and International Trade" on 10th Aug'19 & 17th Aug'19 headed by Dr. Swati S. Singh, Consultant at Centre for Regional Trade and Indian Institute of Foreign Trade(IIFT),Delhi for the students of 3rd year batch 2017-2020 and second year of batch 2018-2021 with electives of International business.Dr. Singh delivered an excellent workshop. She covered many aspects of International Economics like foreign Aid and Capital, Current FDI norms in India, controversies in Indian Foreign Trade and WTO related matters like GATS( General Agreement on Trade in Services) and TRIPS (Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights)
    Student queries were well answered. The session proved to be high value for the students having elective of International Business.
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    • COE and Marketing Club STOMP organized a one day workshop on “Sales and Leadership” on 13th Aug’19 for the batch 2019-2022 headed by Mr. Rahul Bhatnagar, Co-founder & Director, Uprist Services Portal Pvt. Ltd. & Geeko Computertech Pvt. Ltd. The objective of the workshop was to orient students to the strategies needed to be a good marketer. The workshop also helped students to learn leadership skills in their life as a marketer. Mr. Bhatnagar narrated his life experiences and did role plays in the workshop to give practical insights to the students. The workshop was highly successful and students gained a lot of experiential learning on Marketing Management.
    • Centre of Excellence at SCMS-Noida organized a workshop on "Gender Sensitization" on 26th Jul'19 and 29th Jul'19 for the students of batch 2017-2020, batch 2018-2021, batch 2019-2022, staff and faculty members headed by Ms. Aparna Mittal, founder of Samana Centre for Gender, Policy and Law in Delhi.
      The objective of the workshops was to notice that everybody is equal and bias on the basis of gender preferences is unethical.
      Ms. Mittal emphasized on the problems that the LGBTQ community faces by showing various videos and the personal interaction she has had with them.
      The session was an eye opener that we need to have a modern approach towards people and life rather than just claiming it.
      • Centre of Excellence at SCMS-Noida organized a workshop on "Logistics and Operations" in International Business on 25th Jul'19 headed by Mr. Prachur Shukla, Aluminium, Bahrain (member of Aluminium Bahrain Society of Training and Development). Mr. Shukla touched upon various aspects related to the current international trade, logistics, technologies that are being invented today to change our tomorrow.
        He made the session interactive and open ended by providing different solutions and introduced approach which helped the students to widen their knowledge base. He introduced students to the future changes in the logistics industry like Automation, Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence.
        • Workshop on Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training delivered by Mr Ritesh Nag, KPMG from 19th-22nd December 2017.

        • Workshop on 'Improving Interpersonal Relations & staying focused' by Mr. Mark Sheehy (Vice President) International Training Centre association, Irish Branch, Dublin was conducted on December 2, '15.
        • Workshop on 'Communication skills - Presentation skills, email writing & avoiding language errors' by Mr. Omar Shah –consultation Trainer with Accenture strategy-Project Udaan was conducted on December 2, '15
        • Workshop on 'Personal Branding – Building the Brand called YOU' by Mr. Gaggan Bhatia- Consultant, Pearl Academy School of Creative Business and Dr. Sunita Konwar –Professor, Pearl Academy of Fashion was conducted on December 9, '15.
        • Workshop on Psychometrics by Dr. Lata Singh, Associate Professor and Area Chairperson HR, Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad was conducted on February 12, 2016.
        • Workshop on ‘Psycho-social competencies necessary to cope with challenges in day -to - day life’ by Ms. Puja Rao Dawar, Counseling Psychologist and Career Advisor and Ms. Astha Mahajan, Eduction Counselor/Life Skills Coach was conducted on July 26, '17.

        Guest Lectures & Workshops

        S No. Name of Speaker Date Title Organization Designation Email ID Contact No. Gender (M/F) Academic Designation
        1 Mrs Pooja Dawar Rao and Astha Bajaj Mahajan 2-Jul-18 Psycological orientation session for UG Students         M Guest Faculty
        2 Natalya 2-Sep-18 Photography skills  Delhi College of Photography       M Guest Faculty
        3 Mr Ankit Yadav 2-Sep-18 Higher education opportunities  Education Tree       M Guest Faculty
        4 Mr Vijay 3-Dec-18 Electronic Business Digi perform       M Guest Faculty
        5 Mr. Amitava Banerjee 3-Aug-18 Advertising and Public Relations National Foundation for Corporate Governance Consultant 9999097418 M Guest Faculty
        6 Mr. Puneet Kumar 21-Aug-18 India's Largest Gaming championship - Dew Arena 3.0 Team Pepsico Brand Manager - Mountain Dew 9711116405 M Guest Faculty
        7 Dr. Reena Nigam 25-Aug-18 Personality Development Amity University Program Coordinator and Manager Training 8826387939 F Guest Faculty
        8 Mr. Vikas Tomar and Mr. Dave L'Heureux 17-Sep-18 Reboot : Digital Channel (RDC) Digiperform       M Guest Faculty
        9 Mr. Ravi Bhushan Srivastava 25-Sep-18 Sustainable Environment Solutions SU-Vikas Foundation       M Guest Faculty
        10 Dr. Shweta Mittal 9-Oct-18 Transactional Analysis and FIROB Amity Business School Associate Professor 9687615800 F Guest Faculty
        11 Mr. Abhishek Ram, Mr. Gaurav Pal, Mr. Anshul Adhikari 13-Oct-18 Business Crossroads Jubiliant foods, Intelevisto Consulting Pvt. Ltd., VE Commercials Vehicles Ltd. Senior Manager     M Guest Faculty
        12 Wg Cdr. Nanda Kinra 23-Oct-18 Personality Development & Motivation Indian Air Force Ex-Air Force Officer 9250006076 M Guest Faculty
        1 Ayoshman Singh 3-May-15 Six sigma KPMG Consultant   M Guest Faculty  
        2 Mr. Shankar Sharma 16-Dec-16 Promotions and marketing communication Promotions and marketing communications Marketing Manager 9811040825 M Guest Faculty  
        3 Mr. Mohit Mehinderatta 10th Jan'17 to 12th Jan'17 Analytical CRM Marketing specialization Marketing Manager 8376045060 M Guest Faculty  
        4 Mr. Gautam Chopra 18-Jan-17 Behavioral Skills HR specialization HR Specialist 9953026667 M Guest Faculty  
        5 Mr. Rajan Malhotra 2-Jan-17 Basic Sales Techniques Marketing specialization Marketing Manager 9717017789 M Guest Faculty  
        6 Ms. Deepa Nailwal 13-Jul-17 HR practice HR specialization Sq Leader   F Guest Faculty  
        7 Mr. Alok Sharma 14-Jul-17 Finance concepts Industry Trainer International Institute of Financial Markets 99116 44141 M Guest Faculty  
        8 Mrs. Pooja Dawar Rao and Astha Bajaj Mahajan 26-Jul-17 Psychosocial competences DPS MATHURA ROAD Life skiils Coach 9873485062 F Workshop  
        9 Mr. Anand Sundaresen 18-Aug-17 Business Entrepreneurship Finance specialization finance ce Expert
        9810096663 M Guest Faculty  
        10 Ms. Boishakshi Banerjee 21-Aug-17 Change Management Core course HR Specialist   F Guest Faculty  
        11 Mr. Arun Rawal 22-Sep-17 RIL and  B2B Market for Petro Chemical Industries. RIL and  B2B Market for Petro Chemical Industries. Vice President     M Guest Faculty  
        12 Lt. Gen. M.M. Naravane 13-Oct-17 Peace Keeping on Indian Borders SYMUNC       M Guest Faculty  
        13 Mr. Ritesh Nag 19th Dec'17 to 22nd Dec'17 Six sigma KPMG Consultant 9816062655 M Guest Faculty  
        14 Mr. Tanmay Bakshi 22-Dec-17 Artificial Intelligence and its use in Business Applications  IBM IBM Programmer     M Guest Faculty