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  • Workshop on Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training delivered by Mr Ritesh Nag, KPMG from 19th-22nd December 2017.

  • Workshop on 'Improving Interpersonal Relations & staying focused' by Mr. Mark Sheehy (Vice President) International Training Centre association, Irish Branch, Dublin was conducted on December 2, '15.
  • Workshop on 'Communication skills - Presentation skills, email writing & avoiding language errors' by Mr. Omar Shah –consultation Trainer with Accenture strategy-Project Udaan was conducted on December 2, '15
  • Workshop on 'Personal Branding – Building the Brand called YOU' by Mr. Gaggan Bhatia- Consultant, Pearl Academy School of Creative Business and Dr. Sunita Konwar –Professor, Pearl Academy of Fashion was conducted on December 9, '15.
  • Workshop on Psychometrics by Dr. Lata Singh, Associate Professor and Area Chairperson HR, Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad was conducted on February 12, 2016.
  • Workshop on ‘Psycho-social competencies necessary to cope with challenges in day -to - day life’ by Ms. Puja Rao Dawar, Counseling Psychologist and Career Advisor and Ms. Astha Mahajan, Eduction Counselor/Life Skills Coach was conducted on July 26, '17.

Guest Lectures

  • Guest Lecture on Promotion and Marketing Communication was delivered by Mr. Shankar Sharma, on December 16, ’16.
  • Guest Lecture on Basic Sales Techniques was delivered by Mr. Rajan Malhotra, on December 23, ’16.
  • Guest Lecture on Analytical CRM was delivered by Mr. Mohit Mehinderatta, from January 10 - 12, ’17.
  • Guest Lecture on Behavioral Skills was delivered by Mr. Gautam Chopra, on January 18, ’17.
  • Guest Lecture on HR Practices was delivered by Ms. Deepa Nailwal, on July 13, ’17.
  • Guest Lecture on Finance Concepts was delivered by Mr. Alok Sharma, on July 14, ’17.
  • Guest lecture on Business Entrepreneurship was delivered by Mr. Anand Sundaresen on August 18, ’17.
  • Guest Lecture on Change Management was delivered by Ms. Boishakshi Banerjee on August 21, ’17.

Guest Lectures & Workshops

S No. Name of Speaker Date Title Organization Designation Email ID Contact No. Gender (M/F) Academic Designation
1 Mrs Pooja Dawar Rao and Astha Bajaj Mahajan 2-Jul-18 Psycological orientation session for UG Students         M Guest Faculty
2 Natalya 2-Sep-18 Photography skills  Delhi College of Photography       M Guest Faculty
3 Mr Ankit Yadav 2-Sep-18 Higher education opportunities  Education Tree       M Guest Faculty
4 Mr Vijay 3-Dec-18 Electronic Business Digi perform       M Guest Faculty
5 Mr. Amitava Banerjee 3-Aug-18 Advertising and Public Relations National Foundation for Corporate Governance Consultant 9999097418 M Guest Faculty
6 Mr. Puneet Kumar 21-Aug-18 India's Largest Gaming championship - Dew Arena 3.0 Team Pepsico Brand Manager - Mountain Dew 9711116405 M Guest Faculty
7 Dr. Reena Nigam 25-Aug-18 Personality Development Amity University Program Coordinator and Manager Training 8826387939 F Guest Faculty
8 Mr. Vikas Tomar and Mr. Dave L'Heureux 17-Sep-18 Reboot : Digital Channel (RDC) Digiperform       M Guest Faculty
9 Mr. Ravi Bhushan Srivastava 25-Sep-18 Sustainable Environment Solutions SU-Vikas Foundation       M Guest Faculty
10 Dr. Shweta Mittal 9-Oct-18 Transactional Analysis and FIROB Amity Business School Associate Professor 9687615800 F Guest Faculty
11 Mr. Abhishek Ram, Mr. Gaurav Pal, Mr. Anshul Adhikari 13-Oct-18 Business Crossroads Jubiliant foods, Intelevisto Consulting Pvt. Ltd., VE Commercials Vehicles Ltd. Senior Manager     M Guest Faculty
12 Wg Cdr. Nanda Kinra 23-Oct-18 Personality Development & Motivation Indian Air Force Ex-Air Force Officer 9250006076 M Guest Faculty
1 Ayoshman Singh 3-May-15 Six sigma KPMG Consultant   M Guest Faculty  
2 Mr. Shankar Sharma 16-Dec-16 Promotions and marketing communication Promotions and marketing communications Marketing Manager 9811040825 M Guest Faculty  
3 Mr. Mohit Mehinderatta 10th Jan'17 to 12th Jan'17 Analytical CRM Marketing specialization Marketing Manager 8376045060 M Guest Faculty  
4 Mr. Gautam Chopra 18-Jan-17 Behavioral Skills HR specialization HR Specialist 9953026667 M Guest Faculty  
5 Mr. Rajan Malhotra 2-Jan-17 Basic Sales Techniques Marketing specialization Marketing Manager 9717017789 M Guest Faculty  
6 Ms. Deepa Nailwal 13-Jul-17 HR practice HR specialization Sq Leader   F Guest Faculty  
7 Mr. Alok Sharma 14-Jul-17 Finance concepts Industry Trainer International Institute of Financial Markets 99116 44141 M Guest Faculty  
8 Mrs. Pooja Dawar Rao and Astha Bajaj Mahajan 26-Jul-17 Psychosocial competences DPS MATHURA ROAD Life skiils Coach 9873485062 F Workshop  
9 Mr. Anand Sundaresen 18-Aug-17 Business Entrepreneurship Finance specialization finance ce Expert
9810096663 M Guest Faculty  
10 Ms. Boishakshi Banerjee 21-Aug-17 Change Management Core course HR Specialist   F Guest Faculty  
11 Mr. Arun Rawal 22-Sep-17 RIL and  B2B Market for Petro Chemical Industries. RIL and  B2B Market for Petro Chemical Industries. Vice President     M Guest Faculty  
12 Lt. Gen. M.M. Naravane 13-Oct-17 Peace Keeping on Indian Borders SYMUNC       M Guest Faculty  
13 Mr. Ritesh Nag 19th Dec'17 to 22nd Dec'17 Six sigma KPMG Consultant 9816062655 M Guest Faculty  
14 Mr. Tanmay Bakshi 22-Dec-17 Artificial Intelligence and its use in Business Applications  IBM IBM Programmer     M Guest Faculty