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The Dialogue was the first offline event of the I.B. Club post pandemic. All the students came together to discuss and deliberate over global issues and collaboratively reach a sounding conclusion in an exciting way. The event was planned in such a way that it resembles a TV Channel debate, where participants used their wits and creativity to stand their ground.

The topic was related to the current Russia-Ukraine Situation. There was an intense debate amongst the participants who were roleplaying as the representatives of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, USA, China, and India. The impact on the international economies, and how this war may create a new world order was discussed. This event also had a Moderator, Mohammad Saad Anjum who ensured that there was a healthy discussion and furthermore formulated it into a constructive conversation. A faculty member was the judge of the debate and chose the winner based on the arguments of the participants.

The event turned out to be extremely interesting and insightful for all the attendees. The session ended with a small vote of thanks by our judge, and Mr. Rishabh Jain. It was indeed a huge success for the club.

The photographs of the event are:

DIALOGUE event at SCMS Noida
DIALOGUE event participarte photo at SCMS Noida
DIALOGUE event photo at SCMS Noida