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Health Care

Symbiosis International (Deemed University), Pune is a health promoting university. The Symbiosis Centre for Health Care (SCHC) is an on campus Health Care Centre, providing services exclusively to the staff and students of the various institutes of Symbiosis. The SCHC consists of a team of specialist doctors and nursing staff, who conduct the (compulsory) annual check-up of each student and staff member. Outpatient treatment (OPD) services are provided to the staff and students by the Medical Officer of SCHC stationed in the campus at SCMS NOIDA. Time to time, the centre also arranges health awareness seminars & health education workshops.

Each student is also insured under Medical claim and Traffic Accident policy by the college. A copy of the policy document is available with the Registrar/Office Superintendent. The centre provides preventive and curative health care services with a view to ensure positive health in all members of the Symbiosis Family.

For promoting fitness in students and staff members, the Recreation and Wellness Centre (RWC) also organizes multiple fitness workshops and events to inculcate healthy and fit lifestyle.