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The dynamic nature of the world has been gravitated to another extent due to the everyday changes taking place in the political, economic and environment segments of the society. Even the puniest of decisions play a salient role in determining the current and upcoming landscape.

Symbiosis has always believed in giving a platform for training individuals with immense potential who could become the leaders of tomorrow. Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, NOIDA is ecstatic to announce the 8th Edition of SYMUNC’22 which will take place on 19th and 20th February, 2022. Inviting delegates from more than 200 institutions from all over the globe to present their ideologies on first world problems.

With the world being in a state of turmoil and pandemonium, SYMUNC gives a platform for individuals with diplomatic courtesy, to put forward their opinions and notions towards the ongoing political issues and policies. We are putting our best foot forward to deliver an enthralling experience for the delegates, wherein an assiduous working committee will work to the bone to leave no complaints. With 6 committees namely UNGA, UNHRC, UNCSW, WHO, AIPPM and International Press along with a judiciously chosen Executive Board to moderate the conference with absolute perfection.

On behalf of the entire working committee, “SYMUNC isn’t just an event. it’s an emotion and every one of us associated with it, is a part of one big, well-knit family.”

SYMUNC is one such strong emotion which has motivated everyone to work day and night. Everyone is headstrong to make this event an even grander convention. The Core Secretariat is wholeheartedly committed to set their own legacy by making this virtual conference, one of the biggest conferences in the entire NCR region.