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Awareness on ‘Organ Donation’

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Awareness on ‘Organ Donation’ In Collaboration with I Gift Life Foundation

They say that “life is a gift, pass it on”, but IGiftLife made us realize the true meaning of these words. We knew little about how important Organ and Tissue Donation and recognition was until we started working with IGiftLife Foundation. Not only did we learn about Organ Donation but along with its various interesting facts Living and Cadaver Donation, Bone Marrow transplant, Pledge Card, Waiting List and how a single donor can save up to 8 lives solely. India faces a sharp scarcity of transplantation of organs. One million patients are estimated to die from organ failure during the end stage, but only a fraction of organ transplants is carried out. Therefore, the only way out of this upsetting scenario is to raise awareness about organ donation.

The ISR club of Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, NOIDA, gave the students an opportunity to start an internship with IGiftLife NGO for the period of 3 months from February ’21 to April ’21. Prior to the internship, the students were given a specific time period to complete the course on organ donation awareness, which was designed by the organization. The main objective of the course was to guide the students and educate them about the topic so that they are aware of what they are doing, the course ended with a detailed test in the end which the students were supposed to clear with a good score.

For the two-month internship, the slot of students selected was divided into teams of four namely being - the content creation team, the drama writing and enacting team, the video editing team and lastly the data analysis team. Team leaders where chosen from the club, to ensure they get exposure to leadership and team management aspects. IGiftLife Foundation invested lots of time to enable the Team leaders harness their skill and become a better leader and team player.

In these two months, the students got the opportunity to work in a professional environment which greatly added to the knowledge bank of the students giving them further insights and team management and creative thinking. Students in the content creation team ended up creating over 150 posts in this time span for the social media handles of the organization, the drama team even ended up writing several dramas and poems regarding organ donation awareness, the database creation team maintained data of almost all universities in the Delhi NCR region, searching data of over 1750+ schools and universities and finally the video editing team took on their creative side and came up with 15+ reels for the Instagram handle of the organization. The organization ensured that the students brought out the best of themselves and encouraged them to explore different aspects of themselves, allowing them to develop the characteristics of a better manager as they enter the business world in the future. Under the mentorship of Dr. Rashmi Rastogi, the students who volunteered to work with the organization include - Sazal Sharma (Team Leader of Content Creation), Vanshika Sharma (Team Leader of Drama Writing and Enacting), Pragun Gupta (Team Leader of Video Editing and Creating), Nikunj Singla (Team Leader of Database Creation), Pritanjali Tyagi, Mehak Seghal and Aniruddha Mohan Mishra.