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About Internationalisation Cell

Internationalization Cell, SCMS NOIDA believes in cultivating, nurturing, and fostering international exposure through education of high excellence and eminence. By creating a higher education center where scholars from all across the globe are appreciated, respected, and embraced with open arms, the cell tries to put its vision into practice.

Since its establishment and inception, the Internationalization Cell has been actively involved and invested in engaging with international speakers. Besides, the Internationalization Cell has also organized a number of webinars on topics such as Fintech and Digital Transformation, Industry Impact 4.0 on International Trade, Emerging Leadership Styles in Industry 4.0, and many such other intriguing and engrossing topics, under its global talk series initiative. Global Talk Series is an initiative taken by the Internationalization cell at SCMS NOIDA to strengthen, diversify and deepen the spectrum of the students in industrial management practices.

The institute’s BBA course has an enrolment of students from numerous ethnicities and cultures. University of British Columbia Canada, Berlin School of Economics and Law Germany, DHBW Germany, Dauphine University France, are among some of the many colleges for summer school or semester abroad programs.

In the future, the cell strives to collaborate with universities to promote holistic international education and to conduct various events at the international stage to familiarize students with the skills needed to work in an international environment.


Our aspiration lies in providing an equal and fair learning atmosphere that celebrates and incorporates diversity by supporting, assisting and educating students, staff, and our community, making them well informed, knowledgeable and respectful citizens of a global society


1. To nurture a sense of cultural understanding and evolving global citizens.

2. To holistically enhance and broaden the students' horizons on management activities.

3. To provide exposure to students regarding the current knowledge and relevant skills required globally.

4. Initiate Joint Academic and Research programs with International Universities.

International Collaborations


Located in the center of Birmingham, which is among the most dynamic and thriving areas of the United Kingdom, Aston University endeavors to become the UK's leading university for students who have an inclination towards careers in business and other related professions. Offering a reliable and accommodating environment for the students from over 120 countries who chose to study here, Aston University enables the learners to get a profoundly diverse and multicultural experience.

Our international university network is framed by many high-ranked, quality institutions to develop international competencies among our students.



The Students, Research Scholars, Staff and Faculty member of the SCMS NOIDA can avail the Knowledge Resource Centre facilities. First step to register with the Knowledge Resource Centre (KRC) as a member by filling the membership form available at help desk (along with passport size photograph). Registered users are privileged to access e-resources within campus and also outside the campus anytime anywhere

Rules For Membership

  • Users are requested to carry their ID card every time they visit the library it is required for borrowing books from the library. Users will get SMS and Email alert from the library system at the time to check out and check-in on books. In case of delay in getting SMS or Email alert, please contact the Librarian immediately. KRC system also generates reminder SMS and Email on the due date of the books. Users are advised to return the books to the KRC on or before due date.
  • In case of delay in returning of books, an overdue fine of Rs. 5 per daybook will be charged.
  • Book Renewal: Two times to be renewed in a month.

Semester Abroad Program


SCMS NOIDA provides students with the exclusive chance to study, for a whole semester, at the host college with a shared recognition. They enjoy the privilege of interacting with international students of different cultural backgrounds and enjoy doing practical teamwork with them including various fun activities like cultural programs, field trips and excursions, team presentations, and most important of all, The Graduation Day, where students get to experience their graduation abroad in a different country with international students. Furthermore, as a Cumulative Grade Point system is followed by the university, it provides the flexibility for transferring the credits.



Students of SCMS NOIDA were provided with an opportunity to study for a whole semester at DHBW Ravens burg. Exchange students are enrolled in an International Study Program offered by DHBW that usually lasts up to 12 weeks, taught entirely in English. They attend a combination of lectures and interactive sessions with the German students as well as study courses developed exclusively for them. DHBW is known for its unique and constant interlinking of academic studies with application-based learning in thus enabling students to have a practical experience.

Internationalisation Cell SCMS NOIDA
International immersion Program SCMS NOIDA

Students of SCMS NOIDA were provided with an opportunity to study for a whole semester at IESEG School of Management, France. IESEG's main campus is located in the heart of the breathtaking city of Lille, which is known for its vibrant environment. IESEG offers both semester exchange programs as well as summer school programs where students not only get the chance to gain academic knowledge and practical experience but also become a member of an extraordinary community for future business leaders. 

SCMS NOIDA semester abroad program
Symbiosis NOIDA international program

SCMS NOIDA BBA International Students
Symbiosis NOIDA international students

SCMS NOIDA'S Internationalisation Program

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COIL Course on Cross-Cultural Management

In collaboration with Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

"We need diversity of thought in the world to face the new challenges." – Tim Berners Lee

To resonate with that saying, despite the unprecedented circumstances that lie around, SCMS NOIDA and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) successfully completed the Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Course on Cross-Cultural Management. Despite the virus which has sliced out our feathers to experience diversity, interact with people from other countries, we came victorious out of it by arranging a platform to interact with students from the Netherlands through the COIL Course. The COIL was a four-week course from April to June 2021 on a study about the differences and similarities in the consumption habits of the students from SCMS and AUAS. This included making groups of 4 students each: 2 from SCMS and 2 from the AUAS. They were asked to interact with each other independently and deduce information regarding the project and come up with products that can be exported/imported from/to the Netherlands. An introductory session for students of SCMS NOIDA on Cross-Cultural Management was taken by Prof. Chie Misumi, Senior Lecturer, Amsterdam School of International Business(AMSIB) who taught them about various cultural theories and concepts to be applied in the project in the COIL Course. This was followed by an ice-breaking session collaboratively taken by Dr. Nidhi Phutela, Deputy Director, SCMS NOIDA and Dr. Priya Grover, Head-Internationalization, SCMS NOIDA both for students of AMSIB and SCMS NOIDA.

Students were facilitated to interact with their group members cross-culturally and understand their similarities and differences cross-culturally. They were guided for their project too. Regular sessions of students of SCMS NOIDA were taken by faculty coordinators for this COIL Course, Dr. Priya Grover and Dr. Nidhi Phutela. The purpose was to guide them in understanding the COIL Course, interacting with the students of AMSIB and resolve challenges faced by them in successful completion of the course. The students successfully submitted the project and completed the course on time.

A valedictory session was organized by the Internationalization cell of SCMS NOIDA to mark the successful completion of the COIL Course. The valedictory session was successfully executed virtually on 30th June 2021, Wednesday.

The Session started with a brief introduction to Symbiosis International University(SIU) and its motto Vasudhaiva Kuṭumbakam which means “the world is one family”. The anchor mentioned how SIU promotes cultural diversity and inclusiveness of students from around the world. This was followed by a brief on SCMS NOIDA and its flagship program, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). The Head of Internationalization at SCMS NOIDA, Dr.Priya Grover then addressed the audience and discussed the international programs and universities the institute is in collaboration with and the various international initiatives it carries. She congratulated the students for the successful completion of the COIL course. Further, the session went onwards with the address from Honourable Director, SCMS NOIDA, Prof.K.P.Venugopala Rao who highlighted the importance of cross-cultural knowledge and understanding. He emphasized the successful completion of the learning process despite the virus limiting us to our homes only. He extended his regards to Prof.Chie Misumi and Ms.Brechine Detmar from AUAS for collaborating with SCMS NOIDA. Then the students were addressed by Professor Chie Misumi from AUAS who stated that it was the first time when AUAS was collaborating with an Indian university and she is very much delighted to see the brilliant performance of students. After Professor Misumi, Ms. Brechtine Detmar from AUAS addressed the gathering where she said that this pandemic had been a very bad experience to the world but these types of collaborations act as a light in these times of darkness. After the address from Ms. Detmar, the certificates were presented to everyone who successfully completed the course. Further, the session flowed with reflection from the students who were the part of COIL course. The students shared their experiences and highlighted their learnings from the COIL Course. The COIL course helped students to enrich their cultural horizons and be sensitive to different cultures around the world. They said it was an astounding opportunity to have a chance to mix with people from the other part of the globe, know their lifestyles, acknowledge the similarities, and embrace the differences.

The session was then finally concluded with a vote of thanks from Deputy Director, SCMS NOIDA, Dr Nidhi Phutela who advocated the importance of exchange programs between students from different parts of the world and how it adds value to the students’ perspective. She emphasized the importance of application-based learning and finally thanked the whole team for the smooth conduction of the Valedictory session.

The COIL Course was an absolute pinch of flavor that did quench the thirst of students aiming to work in a dynamic environment where diversity is an indispensable part. To impart knowledge about culture, tradition, values, language, and lifestyle about people living in the other part of the globe, SCMS NOIDA roped in the best possible opportunity for their students during these hard times. Listen to our students’ experience


As per their preferences, students in SCMS NOIDA are given the opportunity to study abroad for a semester and gain international exposure. By trying to be our students' unwavering support, we try to give our students the illustrious opportunity to gain international acknowledgment. Summer schools and Semester exchange are the two key components of our global immersion program.

SCMS NOIDA global immersion program


Usually, during the spring or summer, students experience summer schools in foreign universities. By attending the summer schools, students will be able to make an active contribution to numerous cultural programs, field trips, and excursions. 



Students of SCMS NOIDA went for the Vancouver Summer Program (VSP), which is a four-week program presented by accomplished faculties at the University of British Columbia, Canada, to foreign undergraduate students.

Vancouver summer program by SCMS NOIDA

Students of SCMS NOIDA went to the Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR Berlin) is among the greatest universities of applied sciences in Germany and where they were provided with the chance to widen their intellectual and intercultural competence.

BBA international program SCMS NOIDA



The Symbiosis Centre for European Studies (SCES)- Symbiosis Centre for International Education (SCIE) established by the Honorable Prime Minister of Czech Republic, HE MR. Andrej Babis in January 2019, launched an “Exclusive” one-week E-Summer Program for Junior College and Undergraduate Students enabling them to transition themselves in the lockdown into unlocking an incredible plethora of opportunities....
This course was developed primarily for young learners to discover foreign settings at home and to gain relevant skills that will aid them in new developments. It was an initiative to encourage them to learn and engage in different cultural environments, to build and expand their insights, and to promote their personal development. It focused on providing students with some long term takeaways for their lives. This program helped in their personal career, in embracing various cultural differences, respecting various cultural dynamics, and meeting new people from different parts of the world through their foreign compadres.
Various exhilarating and informative activities were included in the event, such as cross-cultural communication, learning about your peer group and breaking the ice, learning about branding yourself, creating a CV and a LinkedIn Profile, improving international networking skills, sharing tips and tricks to study abroad, and pairing up with International Buddies for activities. This program enabled the students to learn the global skills needed by enterprises in the 21st century and learn about preparing for internships and job placements abroad.


Prithvi Raj Chauhan, Batch 2019-22,pursuing BBA at SCMS NOIDA shares his wonderful experience during the Symbiosis Summer E Academy on Internationalisation held from 1st August 2020 to 16th August 2020.


Symbiosis Centre for European Studies (SCES)- Symbiosis Centre for International Education (SCIE) introduced a 'unique' spectacular edition (weekend) of the E-Academy for junior college (Grade 11, 12) and undergraduate students to encourage them to discover the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in this global world....
The students were to gain perspective about the higher education in European countries, interact with the European E-Buddy mentor for events, build and extend global experiences and promote personal development, collaborate confidently in different cultural settings, appreciate cultural complexities and value cultural differences, use this opportunity to improve their professional development and outline their individual and professional journey


Exceptional research papers are written by the esteemed faculty of SCMS Noida has been published in variousrenowned international journals. Our faculty have authored books on inquisitive management issues which are published by international publishers such as Emerald and IGI Global.

SCMS NOIDA conducted the 5th International Conference, “INCONSYM 2020” from February 20-22, 2020 with the theme, “Business Transformation in the Global Digital Era: Re-innovate, Re-strategize, Re-model” and the sub-themes of the conference were as follows:

  • Strategic Transformation & Process Excellence
  • Green Transformation & Sustainability
  • Innovation & Technology Excellence
  • Social & Economic Transformation
  • People, Culture & Customer Excellence

The event was a huge success with a large meet of academicians, researchers, practitioners, and corporate professionals displaying their research on the topic “Emerging Practices in the Digital Era and Strategies to Grab the Opportunity”.

Faculty Talks at SCMS NOIDA
SCMS NOIDA Faculty in class

International Conference SCMS NOIDA


SCMS NOIDA is a host to many international students from various countries across the globe. Internationalization cell at SCMS NOIDA nurtures international students through Buddy initiatives. Buddy meetings are held to build a sense of togetherness among international students and provide them a platform to discuss their curricular and co-curricular activities. With continuous Buddy meetings, the cell ensures that every international student is able to engage and converse with students from different corners of the world and get a sense of association.


  • Develop cross-cultural experiences and social networks
  • Provide academic assistance to the international students
  • Promote interactions among per groups cross-culturally.
  • Provide a collaborative and insightful learning environment.


    The objective of buddy meetings is:

  • To create cross-cultural friendships and understand their outlook on different cultures.
  • To understand their academic issues and provide them with the best possible support and assistance.
  • To mentor the international students and motivate them to excel in academics.
  • To promote peer group interaction among international students
  • To boost their confidence and motivate them to share ideas, feelings and experiences.

This exemplary Buddy Initiative certainly helps the international students to boost their morale and motivate them to share their ideas, feelings and build friendships.


Aaysha Agrawal, Batch 2020-2023, an international student pursuing BBA from SCMS NOIDA shares her experience of a Buddy meeting organised by Internationalisation cell at SCMS NOIDA

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Experience Sharing

“It seems like it was only yesterday that I was on my own, on a plane having no idea what future had in store for me. Being in Germany for 3 months was a life-changing experience for me. I not only learned new courses but also gained cultural experience which was not only restricted to Germany. Going for the semester exchange program gave me a wide variety of experiences and emotions which I wouldn't have experienced otherwise, all thanks to SCMS NOIDA. ”

Adyaa Aggarwal - (Semester Abroad - DHBW Ravens burg, Germany)

"Exquisite, Enthralling, and Enriching: These three words profoundly describe my experience at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. Interacting and networking with like-minded people from around the world helped me explore my deeper self as well as enhance my knowledge and skill set.”

Surya Pasricha - (Summer School - Berlin School of Economics and Law)

"I got a chance to spend my 2nd semester in DHBW Ravens burg, Germany. It was my first ever visit outside my home country, where I would meet different people from all around the globe with different cultural backgrounds. Within these six months, I got a chance to travel to fourteen different countries in Europe. This exchange program has evolved me as a person and broadened my thinking towards Global business."

Stuti Jain - (Semester Abroad - DHBW Ravens burg, Germany)

“I don't have enough words to express my admiration for my college for bestowing me with the opportunity of being a part of the exchange program at one of the universities in partnership. Personally, it was quite challenging as we had to adapt to the new conditions of life across the ocean. But, all this contributed to making my experience of the semester even more amazing. The time I spent abroad proved to be very beneficial because of the endless life lessons and learning experiences...All thanks to SCMS NOIDA.”

Ronnak Aggarwal - (Semester Abroad - IESEG School of Management, France)

"If someone had asked me a year ago to move to a new country by myself, I wouldn't have paid much attention to it. But because of SCMS NOIDA, not only did I do that...I also found it to be one of the best experiences of my life. From meeting people from all around the world to studying from learned and experienced professors, it all made me realize that the world is my oyster."

Prajjwal Singh - (Semester Abroad - IESEG School of Management, France)

"I had a wonderful time being a part of the three-day DHBW Simulation program and learning so much from different people with different nationalities altogether. Special thanks to SCMS NOIDA and SIU for giving me a platform to be among the best, learn among the best, and compete among the best!"

Malcolm Hendricks -(DHBW Simulation Program)

"Being a part of DHBW Management Simulation was an incredibly informative experience. The program helped us learn applications of theoretical knowledge, making real-time management decisions, communicating with diverse people, and teamwork. Special gratitude to SCMS NOIDA and the Internationalization cell for providing us with the opportunity to have such an enriching experience."

MEHAK WAHI - (DHBW Simulation Program)

Check out the video of our student's experiences here :

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“Everyone is a student of life as we all keep learning something or the other throughout our lives.”

On July 31, 2020, we celebrated International Students Day on the occasion of our esteemed Chancellor’s birthday, Prof. Dr. S. B. Mujumdar, a renowned academician & educationist, whose vision has prospered into a pivot of higher education, intriguing scholars from different parts of the world.

The Internationalization Cell at SCMS NOIDA successfully conducted a webinar on the subject "Internationalization of Higher Education: Way Forward'' on 31 July 2020 at 3:00 p.m. (IST) on Mr. Majumdar’s birthday to celebrate his exceptional services. To mark this gracious occasion SCMS NOIDA was immensely honored to have Mrs.Reeta Narang Sood, Civil Servant, UK Government, and Dr. Geoffrey Clements, Chairman, Commonwealth Infrastructure Partners who shared their profound insight and expertise as well as guided us on the road to the internationalization of higher education. After the webinar, team SCMS NOIDA was also welcomed to join a plantation drive and to promise a deep commitment to an environmentally friendly atmosphere.

Click here to view the video


The International Business Club and Internationalization cell are collaborating to organize an international conclave on the theme "Industry 4.0: Towards Future Industrial Opportunities & Disruptions" which would encourage imperative global conversations and healthy discussions. This platform will be in the format of a conclave that aims to promote student engagement as well as provide substantial insight into the global world and economy. The conclave plans to impart pragmatic business knowledge via accomplished professionals who would address the students followed by a series of educational games along with discussions to increase student involvement. The conclave will facilitate the holistic development of all the students.


A strategic managerial business technique is important in various professional roles. DHBW, Ravens burg Germany along with the SCIE, Pune offered the management simulation program TOPSIM – easy management through which the students got a chance to manage a business themselves and see how their choices affect the business in practice. It included all the bachelor students who are even in the early semesters of their degree as well as students studying non-business subjects. TOPSIM – easy management aimed at creating a business environment exactly like an exterior recreational company. Participants behaved as supervisors and took administrative decisions in various functional areas of management such as manufacturing, transportation, human resource management, admin, and accounting. This core operational curriculum equiped students with a standardized knowledge of business administration and the corporate culture. Through this simulation, students learned the terms of service of business management and metrics, marketing fundamentals, staff planning criteria, financial reporting tools, and documentation as well as knowledge about consolidated budgetary reports.


Isha Sarawagi, Batch 2018-2021, pursuing BBA at SCMS NOIDA shares her wonderful experience during the DHBW Online Simulation program held from 30th September 2020 to 2nd October 2020.


The Internationalization Cell offers the Global Talk Series as a way to support students of SCMS NOIDA in the areas of Industry 4.0 with the advantage of internationalization. 1-2 Talk series is hosted every month by the Internationalization Cell. All Global Talk events are free to attend for the students.

If there is a topic you would like us to feature, please feel free to contact us with your idea at:

A webinar was organized by The International Cell of SCMS NOIDA on  March 30,2022 as a part of the Global Talk Series on the topic "AI and Future of Jobs”. The esteemed speaker for the webinar was Mr. Sudhir Tiku who is currently serving as the Vice President of the BT Division. Robert Bosch Pte. Ltd., Singapore. Mr. Sudhir Tiku is a technologist and futurist with an interest in the trends in artificial intelligence and the future of humanity. He theorizes how the current models of policy and community living will be challenged by advances in artificial intelligence and how it is time now to lay the ethical rules of AI engagement to ensure that ecosystems of life remain meaningful. Among his other interests are history and speaking on the topics of future work and jobs. He has been speaking on various platforms, including TEDx, in the past and lives in Singapore.

The webinar started with the interesting question “Can machines think?’ which was asked by the respected speaker to students. He explained how Artificial Intelligence has evolved over the last 60 years. It is a fact that AI creates a scenario where machines start to work and then learn. There are 3 types of Artificial Intelligence. Stage 1 involves Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI), Stage-2 involves Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and Stage-3 involves Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI).

He further emphasized the concept of Machine Learning. Machine Learning is the branch of AI, a scientific discipline concerned with the design and development of algorithms that allow computers to evolve behaviors based on empirical data. There are 3 types of Machine Learning. First is Supervised Task-Driven Learning, the second is Unsupervised Learning which is Data-driven and the last is Reinforcement Learning which is learning from mistakes.

Artificial Intelligence also ensures promising research. An example of this given by the speaker was on K Super Computer which has stimulated 1 billion virtual nerve cells. Another example was of Bits replaced by Qubits. It can make 200 chess moves in a second. Some facts were also mentioned by the speakers - 48% of current nature jobs will be disrupted and gone 10 years down the line and 30% of the processing jobs will be gone in 5-6 years.  

Insightful answers were given by the speakers to the questions asked by the students from different fields. Post it, the International Cell of SCMS NOIDA proposed the vote of thanks. The webinar proved to be very informative. 

The International Cell of SCMS NOIDA had successfully organised a webinar on the topic “Role of Emotional Intelligence in Transformational Leadership” under its Global Talk Series initiative on 10th March 2022. The respected speaker for the event was Mr Roger Delves who has been an experienced Professor of Practice for Leadership and Management alongside being Associate Dean of the faculty in Ashridge Business School, the Executive Education campus and is also a part of HULT International Business School, UK.

Mr Delves commenced the session by intriguing the students with the question “What do best leaders tend to do?” This question led to a great discussion as everyone present pondered on it to express their thoughts and ideas on how they perceive Best Leaders. Further, Mr Delves illuminated on ‘Why do leaders fail’ and ‘How leaders tend to become successful’ while also stressing how these points are equally important and affixed. Now, weak interpersonal skills, not building an environment of engagement, lacking emotional agility and many other setbacks make leaders fail often. Whereas, working on taking everyone in sync/together, lending ears to all emotions, etc., were some golden tips we received as essentials to nurture into successful leaders. Mr Delves stressed a lot on being emotionally present before all, henceforth being proactive since observing 'what people do,' 'how they behave,' is not the same as analysing emotions, behaviours, and actions and being emotionally present. He provided us with a graphical chart indicating all requisites we need to take into consideration while we talk about Emotional Intelligence, which includes :- Self-management, Social-Awareness, Relationship Management and Self-Awareness.

Briefing his explanations, we could say that he described Self-Awareness as focusing all our attention on ourselves to evaluate and compare ourselves according to values and behaviour in long run; working on Self-Management as providing a home to Emotional quotient or agility; finally highlighting ‘Social Awareness’ and ‘Relationship Management’ he expressed that they are all about creating a psychologically safe environment, maintaining the emotional quotient high. He further went on to elaborate on Diversity and Inclusion as two virtues that foster an inclusive environment in which everyone can feel belongingness, despite their emotional inclinations. A quote by Maya Angelou, “People will forget what you said, they’ll forget what you did, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel” was quite illustrative in itself as Mr Delves established the significance of culture as it shapes our interactions, which in turn affects our overall behavioural frequencies. These frequencies make up an organisation's environment, which is directly tied to the 'Culture Principle'. The inferences from this concept were all about practising relationship management in accordance with the organisation’s setup.

As the final topic of the day’s webinar, Mr Delves took upon differences between ‘Transactional and Transformational Leadership’ with the former leadership style pretty much based upon “if…then condition” or in a better way the persuasion of making people work, believe or act according to you if you reward them with a transactional prize in the end. He mentioned that this leadership does not support good leadership in the long run, is not engaging for teams and can be misused, whereas the former leadership style includes elements like - Idealising influence, Inspirational motivation, Individualised consideration & Intellectual simulations making this style of leading a much better & full one. His sayings revolved around developing Emotional Intelligence and Transformational Leadership as a skill set for this post-pandemic world to emerge as a developing leader.

The webinar reached its concluding stage with a quite enriching & stimulating Question-Answer session with the speaker interacting diligently with students of different years & specialisations, which was succeeded by a vote of thanks from the International Cell of SCMS NOIDA. The energy, knowledge and the discussion with which the event ended kept all of us motivated for upcoming events too!

DATE: - 01st October, 2021

The International Cell of SCMS NOIDA organized a webinar on the topic “What does Industry Transformation 4.0 mean for My Future" on October 01, 2021. This webinar is a part of the Global Talk Series on “Management Practices in Industry 4.0” initiated by International cell to broaden the horizon of the students holistically on management practices in Industry 4.0. The prestigious speaker for the webinar was Mr. Glen Tan joining the session from Singapore via Zoom platform.

Mr Glen Tan is currently the Group Partner, Tandem-X, Industry 4.0 SIRI Certified Assessor & a Keynote Speaker. He has worked in industries such as Transformation & Turnaround Consulting, Market Research, etc and also has client engagements in FMCG, industrial, manufacturing & governmental areas. He has around 12 years of living as well as working experience in markets including USA, China, Middle East, South East Asia & the Indian sub-continent and has worked in areas such as Strategic Planning, Change Management, Mergers & Acquisitions and Business Process Improvement.

The esteemed speaker commenced his discussion by giving an overview of the topic how Industry 4.0 has revolutionised and its historical perspective. He listed out that how the different eras of IR 4.0 have been divided: Pre-IR that included Hand Production, IR 1.0 which was based on Mechanical Production, IR 2.0 which included the concept of Assembly Line , IR 3.0 that focused on Automated Production and last but not the least the IR 4.0 and how it consists of Intelligent Production which includes Automated Decision- Making, Executive Connectivity, AI & Machine Learning.  He further elaborated the Industrial  Connectivity, its interlinked features and the reason of their success because of their interdependence. He also elucidated how the feature 1 “Industrial IoT” is linked to the Feature 2 “ Big Data & Analytics” which is in correlated to Feature 3 “Autonomous Robots” that closely works with the Feature 4 “Horizontal and Vertical Integration”. also outlined the importance of Industry 4.0: Implication on an Individual’s Future. The speaker made the session interactive by asking relevant questions from the students. This also increased the enthusiasm amongst the listeners and the answers given were appreciated as well. 

Mr. Glen then further explained how one’s actions help in building credibility and how one should be aware and careful of each and every step that a person takes that would have an implication on the future. He also stated that it is essential to proactively help one another, it is necessary to develop strong relationships with all, one should always be free and open minded and never be afraid to take the first step.

The webinar concluded with insightful answers to the questions asked by the curious students of various specialisations and the discussion ended with a vote of thanks from the International Cell of SCMS NOIDA. The session turned out to be truly knowledgeable. 

The Internationalization Cell of SCMS NOIDA organized a webinar as a part of its Global Talk on the topic, “Management and Culture: How to manage in an Industry 4.0 business?” which was attended by the students of Batch 2020-2023. The esteemed speaker for the event was Ms. Adina Tarry,author and organisation development strategist from UK.

Ms. Adina Tarry is an experienced polymath practitioner, management consultant, AI, and O/D (Organization Development) strategist, business psychologist, award-winning master coach, mentor, visiting lecturer, and author. She has worked globally with IBM, Alcatel, Johnson & Johnson, and Bristol Myers Squibb as a specialist in the supply chain, manufacturing, e-commerce, quality, audit, project management, and HR generalist. She is currently focusing on developing leaders and managing organization’s integrated systems. Her two books are "Design Thinking for Smaller Enterprise Development" and "Coaching with Careers and AI in Mind". Ms. Adina’s thinking and practice are integrative and combine strategy, tactics and extensive international business experience, advancements in science and technology, applied business psychology, cross-cultural savvy, academic activity, and extensive continued learning.

The speaker commenced her discussion by relating the Management of work culture in Industry 4.0 with the nesting boxes method which elucidated the essence of inclusiveness among different terms that seemed to be varied. She then discussed the evolution of Industrial Relations in four stages starting from the Steam engine development and commencement of replacement of human resources in 1765. The evolution being Continued with Electricity in 1870, It & electronics in 1968, Digitalization in 2021 (namely, Industry 4.0), and continuing evolution was also described by the speaker. Shethen presented the example of Leadership & Culture inside the box of Human Resource coinciding with Management and Iceberg inside Values and Beliefs coinciding with Culture, cleared the concept of nesting Boxes. Theory of Complexity featuring no-linear causality, Cause and effect being distanced in time with the nature of the physical, biological, and the human system as complex and dynamics was also introduced.

Ms. Adina Tarry suggested embracing the complexity and changing the mind set with a new thinking paradigm. The suggestion was followed by curiosity in which she stated business, culture, Management &Industry 4.0 as interconnected clusters of the smaller and larger Systems and subsystem working together. She concluded with an Interdisciplinary approach with an equation that summed up the webinar very clearly. The equation beautifully linked the different science elements with industry 4.0 and Management which was: Philosophy/ ethics + Social Sciences + Technology & Science = Manage Ideas – People - Objects

The webinar terminated with insightful answers to the questions asked by the curious students of various specializations and the discussion ended with a vote of thanks from the Internalisation Cell of SCMS NOIDA. The zeal among the students was immensely high and the students were eagerly waiting to attend the session and ask their respective questions. The webinar turned out to be truly knowledgeable.

DATE: - 06th May, 2021

With the rapid digitalization and the advancement of technology, businesses around the world have been shifted to the world of the Internet in which buying and selling take place unlike the conventional way businesses used to operate. With the detachment of business from the real physical buying and selling to a virtual world, the main challenges that come forward are the fading human aspect in business. So, it emerges out to be a crucial point to take into glance the customer-centric approach while the business around the world is shifting in the digital era. The goal of any digital transformation should be to create a digital business model that leads to connected, cohesive customer-centric experiences across business units. To provide relevant and insightful understanding about this approach the Internationalization Cell at SCMS NOIDA organized a webinar on “Customer-Centric Digital Transformation” on May 06, 2021, which was a part of the Global talk, Series “Management Practices in Industry 4.0”. The esteemed speaker for the webinar was Ms. Mavis Ng, Founder and Executive Career Coach, HappyMeCareer from Singapore who enlightened students with her enriched knowledge and experience.

Ms. Mavis area of specialization include Leadership and Team Performance, Psychology of Success, Organizational Excellence, Career and Education Aspirations and Money and Personal Finances. She has been in the service industry for over 14 years and has been awarded several accolades.

The session started with a brief description of the speaker’s experiences and designations. Ms. talked about her education and experiences. She shared to the audience that she was the founder and CEO of TRI Management Consulting, where the vision of the company was engraved in its name i.e. T for Trust, R for Respect and I for Integrity. She then discussed about Customer-Centric approach in business. She divided the customers into three subheads namely Internal, External and Organic customers. She explained the need of building a balance between the customer expectations and the interaction from the organization to keep the relationship in alignment. To showcase that vividly, she explained a case study of a restaurant that provides fast service at very reasonable rates. So, what she implied from that is the expectations from the customer is a fast service and an okay kind of food from the restaurant so, the restaurant doesn’t have to focus on other things as it is already reaching the customers' expectations. The ultimate gist from this case study was to keep the expectations and offering into alignment which eventually leads to customer satisfaction. After that, she discussed the importance of a customer-centric approach in today’s world. She claimed that being customer-centric breeds loyalty among the customers and with that edge, if a business can be agile with new situations and differentiate itself in the market, they have a very good room for growth. The robust claim she had was no matter how much we are into the technology we are still humans, and we always want to feel the real stuff. The business should focus on the storytelling for their offering so that it resonates with the customers. The one who is good at storytelling, keeping themselves in the shoes of customers excels. Ms. Mavis then explained about the shift of the world to the internet for buying product because of the pandemic. So, as the world has been altering its form of interaction with business, it's high time to re-strategize the business models to remain competitive in the market. She also threw some light in the service design blueprint on how the business can use the design thinking and process accordingly to provide a seamless user experience to the customers.

The webinar provided very deep insights and understanding about the need for a customer-centric approach with the rapid digital transformation going around. Ms. Mavis very precisely demonstrated how customer-centric approach ca be taken and why it is very crucial in today’s world. She stressed the importance of building strategics that aligns with the expectation of the customers so that they can be satisfied. With exponential digitalization, the business entities will be in the quest to attract as many customers as possible, so the one who will do storytelling that completely resonates with customers is the one who got the market. With those explanation and insightful reflections from Ms. Mavis, the webinar concluded after she answered some of the questions from the curious students. The session was concluded by a vote of thanks by the Internationalization Cell at SCMS NOIDA. The session was truly insightful and resonating with the need of the hour the world is facing currently.

DATE: - 15th & 16th April 2021

The Internationalization Cell of SCMS NOIDA organized webinar series on “Industry 4.0 powered by Artificial Intelligence” on April 15 & 16,2021 as a part of its Global Talk Series in the field of “Management Practices in Industry 4.0” initiated by the Internationalisation cell at SCMS NOIDA to broaden the overall horizon of the students in management practices in Industry 4.0. The first part of the webinar series was held on April 15, 2021 based upon the topic, “Industry 4.0 powered by Artificial Intelligence” which was attended by the students of Batches 2018-2021, 2019-2022, and 2020-2023. The esteemed invitee for the event was Mr. Ajay Tikare, who joined the event from Bangalore, via the zoom platform.

Mr. Ajay Tikare is an influential speaker and thought leader and his areas of expertise include Machine Learning, AI, and Analytics. Mr. Tikare has over 17 years of experience in the software industry holding various roles in Application Development, Engineering, and Innovation. He has represented SAP in various internal and external forums where he loves to demystify complex technical topics. Currently, Mr. Tikare is responsible for the development of the SAP AI Foundation Platform, which is at the core of SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise offerings and helps Enterprise Customers to realize & scale their AI/ML use cases.

The speaker commenced his discussion by giving an overview of the history of the industrial revolution. He gave a brief description of how the first industrial revolution started in the 1800s by using machines and it was also known as the ‘Era of Mechanisation’. He further described industry 2.0 which majorly consisted of mass production, use of electricity, and assembly line production. The third revolution started in the late 1900s which was the digital revolution and the introduction of robotics and computers. At present, the industries are functioning at Industry 4.0 which includes Artificial Intelligence, M2M Communication, and much more. He also talked about how image recognition works in the modern-day and how humans are able to identify objects with the help of that. The speaker made the discussion interesting and interactive by asking several germane questions from the students. This also increased the enthusiasm amongst the listeners and the answers given were highly valued.

Furthermore, he stated that Artificial Intelligence enables machines to learn from experience, adjust new inputs, and perform human-like tasks. Mr. Tikare further explained the major difference between AI and traditional programming that is, in AI answers and data gives the framework for rules but in traditional programming, the rules and data combine together to give answers. He also spoke about how Core AI Functionality focuses solely on the image, logistics, and SCM, and how NextGen Interactivity gives importance to NLP and chatbots and how Intelligent Process Automation is based mainly on testing and business process automation. He also stated how AI is the next ‘Internet’ because of its disruptive transformation, how AI will aid new business models to emerge, and how today’s leaders cannot be taken for granted.

The webinar culminated with informative answers to all the questions posed by the eager students of diverse specializations, and the discussion concluded with a vote of thanks from SCMS NOIDA’s Internalisation Cell. The students' enthusiasm was palpable, and they were eager to attend the session and ask their respective questions. The webinar proved to be extremely informative.

DATE: - 15th & 16th April 2021

The Internationalization Cell of SCMS NOIDA organized a webinar series on “Industry 4.0 powered by Artificial Intelligence” on April 15 & 16,2021 as a part of its Global Talk Series in the field of “Management Practices in Industry 4.0” initiated by the Internationalization cell at SCMS NOIDA to broaden the overall horizon of the students in management practices in Industry 4.0. The second part of the webinar series was held on April 16, 2021 based upon the topic, “Industry 4.0 powered by Artificial Intelligence” which was attended by the students of Batches 2018-2021, 2019-2022, and 2020-2023. The esteemed invitee for the event was Ms. Shipra Jain, data science expert, artificial intelligence from SAP Labs India.

Ms. Shipra Jain is a data science expert working in the Artificial Intelligence Technology & Innovation group at SAP Labs India Bangalore having over 12 years of work experience in implementing Enterprise Data Solutions for Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Big Data Analytics, etc. Currently, Ms. Shipra is leading a team of Data Scientists with the charter of technical enablement of stakeholders to enhance the adoption of different SAP AI Platforms. She also contributes towards Product strategy and development for data science capabilities like Explainable AI. She has a keen focus on research areas like Quantum Computing and Cognitive Search and has represented SAP in several internal and external forums to enhance awareness on niche technology topics. She interacted with the students about how data science can be something like deep learning and how AI is making a change in it. She discussed the SOPHIA AI robot which is a social ‘humanoid robot’. She also discussed how industrialization has changed with AI, the different inventions which are happening across the world where technoFlogy is not the most important thing, how AI can help industrial automation and help in the room of industry photo. She explained how this journey of Industrial Revolution and AI started converging way back in the 70s, when industries were about mechanization and using machines to ease out tasks for human beings, how more and more uses with machines was increased in Industry 2.0. She discussed some of the advanced benefits of Industry 4.0 like a machine to machine, interact room, machine tracking, etc. She described intelligence as something where we can model or program or machines to demonstrate and Artificial intelligence as something which is for everyone, it is a technology that is for all, and its important aspect for understanding how these technologies work. She also said how expendable AI is considered a step towards responsible AI, where the idea is to generate more and more interpretable explanations behind a model prediction, an example being how AI has helped increase the trust factor in patients in the healthcare industry.

The webinar culminated with informative answers to all the questions posed by the eager students of diverse specializations, and the discussion concluded with a vote of thanks from SCMS NOIDA’s Internalization Cell. The students' enthusiasm was remarkable, and they were eager to attend the session and ask their respective questions. The webinar proved to be extremely informative.

DATE: - 08th April 2021

A guest lecture by Mr Ron Thomas was organized by the Internationalization cell of SCMS NOIDA on April 08, 2021 for the students. Mr. Ron Thomas is the Managing Director at Strategy Focused Group and an International Keynote Speaker from UAE. Mr. Thomas was named as one of the 100 Global Thought Leaders Who Will Inspire you in 2021, as well as one of the "50 Most Talented Global HR Leaders" in Asia, by World HRD Congress.

He started his talk by calling the present time as a time of revolution making it the best time to enter the workforceespecially for the students specialising in HR. It is the time that employers have to rethink their priorities in regards to their organisations and if the need arises they should not restrain themselves from even changing their business model. However, before implementing the change, the organisations should think about the impact on the audience who would be affected by the change. Besides, he further enlightened the students about the 3 Ws- work, workplace and workforce.

Throughout his talk he laid the emphasis on taking care of the employees and how organisations should empower them to make their own choices and decisions.He stressed that the success of an organisation is dependent upon the capabilities of its employees. Therefore, there should be a strong focus on soft skills and showing appreciation to employees.

He also talked about how work from home is making people very exhausted and therefore it very important to empathise with them.

While concluding, he said that organisations should not follow the one size fits all approach. According to him there are no best practices because what worked for one organisation might not necessarily work for the other company as well. Therefore, organisations should work on finding the difference between the future and the present needs and bridge the gap. They will also have to accept that a lot of things that are there right now will not work in the future. So they should work on finding what works for their organisation and what does not.

The session ended with Mr Ron answering to questions that were asked by the students. He enlightened the students with his immense years of experience and vast knowledge.

DATE-17th March , 2021

Country - Texas, United States

A webinar was held by the Internationalization Cell of SCMS NOIDA on the topic, Behavioral Research in Understanding Consumers of Today with our guest from the USA, Mr. Roger Dooley who is an international keynote speaker and author.

He started off by mentioning how 90% of the decisions taken by our brain are unconscious and discussed the different tools of biometrics, facial coding, and eye-tracking are used in neuromarketing. There are four important elements of Behavioural Science, 1. Identifying the problem or the goal, 2. Making a hypothesis, 3. Testing the cheap simple invention and 4. Taking the decision regarding modifying the invention. Mr. Roger discussed different theories such as The Fogg Behaviour Model, the Principle of Influence, and the System 1 and 2 approaches and how our brain subconsciously opts for the System 1 decision-making process. The speaker asked questions that peeked up the students’ interest and enthusiasm. 

Mr. Roger went ahead and talked about evolutionary psychology containing the theory of persuasion which is summed up by elements of a nudge, gravity, angle, and friction where all the elements have both a conscious and subconscious face. He discussed nudge influencing you to change your decisions, how there is a change in your core affiliation to a brand, and gravity being important for consumer motivation. He cited examples of how the purchase of machinery is a conscious decision and the purchase of perfume being an unconscious one. He also discussed multinationals having a conscious side which includes the products we want to purchase and the unconscious side including free and description text being hidden. He explained how angle plays an important role by making loss have a larger impact on our mind than gain. He advised on how we should use less friction as it is a complex process.

The webinar ended with students asking questions and the speaker answering them enthusiastically. The students were very happy with the webinar and it turned out to be a great success.

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International speaker at SCMS NOIDA

DATE-26th February , 2021

Country - Turkey, Europe

The Internationalization Cell at SCMS NOIDA on 26 February 2021 successfully conducted a webinar based upon the topic, “Changing Marketing Strategies in Industry 4.0”. Mr. Bilgehan Bozkurt, is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Istanbul Arel University, Turkey. His research and professional background are based on branding, customer-oriented project management, business analysis, and software development.

The speaker talked about the three major fields - Marketing, Strategies, and Technology. He explained all these fields in detail and why they are an important component of Industry 4.0. He further explained how society shifts upwards and how one can recognize those shifts. He explained how all of it is related to marketing and smart manufacturing and Technology.

A discussion on how all the big brands use various processes and these fields help them reach the desired goals was done. By providing various suitable examples he made these concepts really transparent. Later, he explained how it works with similar companies and competitive companies in various situations.

The core study went with technology, innovation, and advanced marketing, how they operate hand in hand. Culture is one of the most difficult as well as most significant components in any organization. Organization management is related to supply chain management and processes to be converted into value creation and addition. He also elucidated the importance of Excel in the business world.

The webinar concluded with insightful answers to the questions asked by the curious students of various specializations and the discussion ended with a vote of thanks from the Internalisation Cell of SCMS NOIDA. The session turned out truly knowledgeable.

SCMS NOIDA international speaker

DATE-11th February , 2021

Country - England, United Kingdom

SCMS NOIDA’s Internationalization Cell organized a webinar on 11 February 2021 titled "Industry 4.0: Fintech and Digital Transformation". The session was attended by several students of batches 2018-2021, 2019-2022, and 2020-2023. The keynote speaker for the event was Ms. Devie Mohan, who attended the event from the UK.

Ms. Devie Mohan is a prominent researcher, lecturer, and expert on Fintech and co-founder and CEO of Burnmark, a fintech research organization. Ms. Devie has assisted a variety of banks, fintech start-ups, development groups, and investors in perceiving the developments of the financial sector, aiding them in establishing their industrial, market research, and investment plans. She is also a staunch advocate of the fintech environment, where financial institutions and start-ups work together to achieve operational excellence. Ms. Devie is deeply engaged in the fintech community and has also been included in the top 10 list of worldwide fintech influencer lists.

The speaker initiated her discussion by giving an outline of the subject of Fintech and Digital Transformation in Industry 4.0, as well as a detailed overview of the progress of the digital revolution in the current period. She provided a variety of everyday examples of how digital transformation has allowed significant changes in the present era. She further enlightened the audience about how the upcoming firms will need to evolve their services and products to relate to all age brackets. She also spoke about how Fintech disrupted the banking industry by providing the same services with more innovation, better outcomes, and presenting an array of services at better costs. She also highlighted the fact that India positions among the top three Fintech countries in the world owing to excessive investment rates and high consumer numbers. The speaker made the session dynamic by asking the learners appropriate questions. 

Ms. Mohan then described the benefits offered by Fintech, which consist primarily of payment, lending, and personal finance. She also emphasized the concept of Challenger Banks. Challenger banks are fully integrated digital financial institutions with no help desk and no external location. Many of the challenger banks are also among the first B2B banks. Fintech deals primarily with B2B banks and a variety of major tech companies like Apple and Amazon and Google is operating deeply with the challenger banks.

The session culminated with informative responses to the queries posed by intrigued students of different specializations, and the discussion came to an end with a vote of thanks from SCMS NOIDA 's internalization cell. The session ended up turning out to be very knowledgeable.

Devie Mohan - Symbiosis NOIDA


DATE-5th February , 2021

Country - Malaysia, Asia

The Digitalization of International Trade in Industry 4.0 is redefining because the world produces, markets, and exports commodities through the use of modern opportunities to improve manufacturing and functional strategies. International Trade is evolving world trade markets at an astounding level while generating substantial products and creating economic changes.

To demonstrate all the existing aspects that have an influence on the international economic ties, the Internationalization Cell of SCMS NOIDA, on 5 February 2021, effectively hosted a webinar on the topic “Industry 4.0 Impact on International Trade." Mr. Sandeep Singh, Founder, and CEO of Farm Trade, Malaysia, was the esteemed speaker. He has decades of experience in multiple regions of the Palm Oil Value Chain, like Bulk Refinery, Trading, Risk Management, Specialty Fats Marketing, Main Account Management, Sustainability Projects, Joint Venture Negotiation, and P&L Management. The speaker spoke about the early unfair trading regulations that originated in the second millennium through the silk route. He described the progression of commerce from the gift economy to the bitcoin age. As well as, presented perspectives on numerous aspects of global trade, such as the increase in the supply of different products and services trade agreements and obstacles practiced by different countries and, finally, classification of purchasers and vendors.

Mr. Sandeep pointed out how the industry 4.0 has rendered the trade to be more accessible with just a single tap. The session also provided information on new emerging technological breakthroughs like the usage of QR codes in labeling and packaging that make it very simple to track the products in real time. The session focused on international financing and commodity production structures. The speaker also proposed that, in order to manage the intensely competitive global trade system, law enforcement bodies and companies should explore reimagining their responsibilities. They should do this in the same way as they deal with environmental sustainability and cultural issues. Political and business officials should also understand the limitations raised by global trade at the convergence of digital revolution and internationalization.

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Sandip Singh - Global talk series SCMS NOIDA

WEBINAR ON: -The Power of AND-Deep Insights and Advanced Analytics to Drive Business

DATE-29th January , 2021

Country - Florida, United States

The Internalization Cell of SCMS NOIDA organized a webinar as a part of its Global Talk Series on 29th January 2021, on the topic of The power of AND-Deep Insights and Advanced Analytics to drive business which was attended by the students of Batch 2018-21 and 2019-22. The guest who presided over the event was Mr. Pavi Gupta who is a global functional leader holding 24 years of experience in analytics and insights of diverse companies like Coca-Cola, Johnson and Johnson, and Research International.

He has consistently been recognized for delivering business impact and has a specialty in developing high-performing insight and analytics teams. Mr. Gupta started his discussion by introducing students to his background. He then went on to describe the importance of data in business and how it can be used to get useful and important insights that can transform some of the key business practices. He took the example of cricket to describe the concept of predictive analysis and explained how predictions are made based on past trends and how they can help businesses. Mr. Gupta then explained some important concepts related to the topic, like Iceberg theory, Illusion equation, etc. to the students by taking everyday life examples. He also made emphasis on the concept of the Empathy algorithm and described its usefulness by connecting it to the topic in discussion and also accentuated the power of AND and Human insights for business.

The discussion concluded with a vote of thanks from the Internalisation Cell by Dr. Priya Grover, faculty in charge of Internationalisation Cell of SCMS NOIDA who was later thanked by students for organizing this informative webinar for the students of Business Analytics.

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Pavi Gupta - Global talk series SCMS NOIDA

DATE-21st December , 2020

Country -United Kingdom

SCMS NOIDA’s Internationalization cell invited Mr. Gordon Tredgold to give his insightsand talk about the topic “Emerging Leadership Styles in Industry 4.0” on 21st December 2020, for the first-year students.

 Mr. Gordon Tredgold has a belief that leaders are not born but are made and that from influencing individuals, he can catalyze and create more enthusiastic leaders who will help change the world and show the world the results, far beyond anybody’s expectations. He teaches leaders and organizations about simple, practical, and pragmatic strategies that help them inspire and attain what they believe in and want to achieve. Mr. Gordon has also written three books and over 1400 articles, contributing to Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Fortune, and many other celebrated and acclaimed publications. Mr. Gordon started his discussion by articulating leadership as a differentiator between success and failure, further defining the term as an individual’s ability to make people “engaged, empowered and excited”. He continued his talk by talking about the failure rates in various domains of the corporate world such as digital transformation (84%), customer initiative (93%), startups (95%), and product launches (93%). He said that the incapability of a leader to communicate goals, strategies, purpose, and outlook to its employees is the biggest reason for the failure of digital transformations and highlighted the example of Ford motors to the students to make them understand the cost of failure the highest being lost reputation. He gave many reasons for failure and explained each of them in detail using a graphical presentation. He said that there should be clearly defined goals and objectives, which should be communicated clearly, simply, and from time to time to avoid any confusion and the number of goals to be set should be minimum so as to give them a priority. Clear roles, responsibilities, and expectations should be set to assert accountability. He also mentioned that complexity is the enemy of execution and that tasks should be made as simple as possible and to achieve this an individual must encourage their team to challenge everything. He further added that the application of the Pareto approach can also aid an individual to increase simplicity. He also created an emphasis on transparency so that they are well aware of the problem areas and the leader’s expectations from them and can work on it and improve. Throughout the session, Mr. Gordon made an emphasis on the mindset. He gave a strong message that a leader has a mindset of a winner and is not scared of failure, which helps him/her thrive and flourish in industry 4.0, and gave real-life examples to prove this point. The session finally came to an end with students asking questions from Mr. Gordon which he answered very patiently.

The webinar was a huge success and all the credit goes to the International Cell of SCMS NOIDA and the faculty in charge who helped in organizing this event. 

Gordon Tredgold at SCMS NOIDA

DATE-1st December , 2020

Country - Serbia, Europe

SCMS NOIDA's Internationalization Cell organized a webinar on the subject "Gamification in Sports in the Current Digital Age." Mr. Slavko Alčakovic addressed the webinar wherein students joined from all batches and ranges of specializations, which helped them gain more knowledge and understanding. Mr. Slavko Alčaković, Vice Dean, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Management in Singidunum, Serbia. His primary interests lie in the areas of study of internet marketing, online marketing, neuromarketing, and customer preferences and behavior and research. The webinar covered the topic ‘Management Practices in Industry 4.0' to enhance the students’ exposure and understanding of Industry 4.0. Mr. Slavko Alčakovic commenced the session by talking about his own viewpoints of research and areas of interest. He gave the students a brief overview of the concepts they were going to discuss in the session. He began the webinar by giving a perspective about sports and how volatile and uncertain sports can be. He had also used stats to demonstrate how the popularity of sports has boosted across online channels such as mobile phones. He revealed how social networking stood first, accompanied by gaming connectivity and entertainment in the highest average weekly time passed on separate apps. Throughout the whole session, he highlighted Gamification, its definition, origin, and other relevant facts. He described the purpose behind the immense popularity of online gaming, and the session culminated with a Q/A round with the students, which reflected their passion for the subject.

slavko alcakovic at SCMS NOIDA

DATE-18th Novemebr , 2020

Country - Columbia, United States

As data piles up, we have ourselves a genuine gold rush. But data isn’t the gold. I repeat, data in its raw form is boring crud. The gold is what’s discovered therein.”

Under its umbrella of the Global Talk Series, the Internationalization Cell, coordinated a webinar on "Predictive analytics in the everyday business world: A machine learning perspective" for the students of all three batches 2018-21, 2019-22, and 2020-23. The instructor presiding over the event was Mr. Eric Siegel.

Mr. Siegel is the founder of Predictive Analytics World and Coursera. He is also a professor at Columbia University, U.S.

Mr. Eric Siegel began his session by establishing the intent of the session as the Introduction to Predictive Analytics, how it helps in value creation when approaching the market and optimizing engagement, proceeded by its functioning. He then outlined the pivotal role of data in predictive modeling and how it contributes to predictions, continued by a data entry description that depicts the decision tree, consumer attrition, and an antidote to excessive information: prediction by providing an example of a range of organizations such as 'GOOGLE for search results, NETFLIX for movie/series recommendation, FACEBOOK for news feed, AMAZON for recommendations, etc”.Students intriguingly asked their doubts, and he answered them with immense integrity, illustrating his expertise that aided students to learn a lot of new information.

Eric Siegel at SCMS NOIDA

DATE-12th October , 2020

Country - England, United Kingdom

“The most dangerous kind of waste is the waste we do not recognize.”

A webinar was organized by the Internalization Cell of SCMS NOIDA on the topic Industry 4.0 impact on the lean and agile production system, on October 12, 2020. Mr. Brett Griffiths, Managing Director of Lean Transition Solutions Ltd which is based in the United Kingdom was invited as the chair speaker. He shared his understanding and expertise with the students. He commenced the webinar by giving a short introduction to the Lean production process. He additionally gave insights into the variations between Lean and Six Sigma and the way only a few organizations can put it into practice in industry 4.0. Besides he also pointed out the three stages of a Lean Industry 4.0 that are Manufacturing Process Audits, Continuous Improvement, and Fostering Communication. He talked about how the Industries are managing proactive changes in the process of becoming well planned and the significant effect that Industry 4.0 and digital technology have on the supply chain risk analytics and the ripple effect. 

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Brett Griffiths at SCMS NOIDA

DATE-10th September , 2020

Country - Sweden, Europe

“It’s never easy to grow corporate travel business in a hyper-competitive market, and it isn’t going to get any easier.”

Ms. Barbara Wohlfarth has been working in various positions in the tourism sector for more than 20 years was invited to preside over the webinar ‘Airline and Travel Management in a Digital Area’ initiated by the Internationalization Cell of SCMS NOIDA as a part of the Global Talk Series about the new Management Practices in the Industry 4.0. She discussed with the students the history of travel around the globe, interrail tickets in Europe, and other trails. She also gave insights about the Computer Reservation System and informed the students about the various technological developments taking place in the Tourism Industry. She discussed how we can make use of Alexa to book air tickets with voice command with the help of Artificial Intelligence and how to google established and captured the market in the last 10 years by showing different flight details and their respective prices to establishing trips through its website by the year 2019. She vividly described Artificial Intelligence taking the lead in the technological space and how it has been providing important data to companies and industries. Also, she threw some light on the effects COVID-19 will have on various industries and how it will have an impact on the future of industries.

Barbara at SCMS NOIDA

DATE-31st July , 2020

Country - Pennsylvania, United States

Mr. Michael R. Solomon, Ph.D. Professor of Marketing with research areas in consumer behavior and lifestyle issues, and much more was invited as chief guest for the webinar on the topic ‘Consumer Behaviour Trends in Industry 4.0’ held by the Internationalization cell of SCMS NOIDA. Mr. Michael told us about his discussions with professional experts in the fields of human research, operations research, and the skills required for the upcoming future. As the pandemic is accelerating, all experts and students have acquired skills like the Work from Home Concept to overcome it and how we can focus on the brighter side of the pandemic.

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Michael Solomon at SCMS NOIDA