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HR Conclave 2023

The HR Conclave held on November 3rd, 2023, at SCMS Noida, was a collaborative effort between the Human Resources Department and the Quality Improvement Cell, focusing on the theme "HR SYNERGY: Where Talent Meets Technology." The event aimed to explore the profound impact of technological advancements on HR functions, providing a platform for students to engage with industry experts and gain insights into the challenges and opportunities of the digital era.

Keynote speaker Mr. Agniwesh Thakur's address highlighted the transformative power of technology, encouraging attendees to confront uncertainties and embrace technological disruptions. The subsequent panel discussion featured industry experts Ms. Vineeta Singh, Mr. Gautam Duggal, Mr. Puneet Sharma, and Mr. Vishal Manchanda, who delved into the challenges posed by technology in HR functions, emphasizing the need for a delicate balance between human and AI elements.

Discussions revolved around the strategic role of analytics in talent development and retention, with panellists emphasizing predictive analysis and data-driven decision-making. Ms. Vineeta Singh highlighted the importance of virtual working tools while emphasizing the irreplaceable value of personal connections, particularly in a hybrid work environment. Mr. Puneet Sharma stressed the significance of analytics in guiding HR professionals to invest time and resources strategically, aligning decisions with organizational objectives. Mr. Vishal Manchanda positioned data analytics as a critical skill in navigating the evolving landscape of talent management, underscoring its importance in HR.

Mr. Gautam Duggal's session emphasized adaptability in the face of technological advancements, highlighting the dynamic nature of HR challenges and encouraging professionals to continually evolve strategies. The conclave provided an invaluable platform for thought leadership and knowledge exchange, leaving attendees with heightened awareness and valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital age.

HR E-Conclave SCMS NOIDA 2023
HR E-Conclave SCMS NOIDA 2023
HR E-Conclave SCMS NOIDA 2023