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The awareness of finance is a primary part of any Economy Industry and Company. Students, who pursue Financial Management as a specialization in BBA from SCMS NOIDA, enhance skills in finance field that are essential for a gainful career. In this specialisation, the students gain knowledge of how to analyse company reports, predict economic trends, how to choose investment portfolios, balance risk, profitability, taxation, personal finance etc. We merge the corporate as well as academic aspects through Conclaves, Workshops, Seminars, Webinars etc. In these activities we involve our alumni and finance professionals to extend the practical finance education with job-specific knowledge. The central focus of this stream is to cultivate interest among the students towards the finance sector as well as promote it as a viable career option. 

Financial Management opens up the best opportunities for students in the financial world in the Government as well as Private sectors. They can get a chance to work in the Stock markets, Banks, Fund Houses and in the finance functions of any industry. Career options which are available to a finance graduate include investment banking, tax planning, insurance management and financial statement reporting and analysis. In addition to this, anyone who is having finance knowledge can also run their own business independently.

SCMS NOIDA prepares its students for the top positions with uniquely designed syllabus, live projects and guidance of experienced faculty and corporates for the challenges of the finance world and equips them with the confidence to succeed.

Webinar on Corporate Governance

The Finance Club of SCMS NOIDA organized a webinar titled “Corporate Governance - The composition of the Board of Directors" by Dr Arunima Haldar, Assistant Professor, SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai, India on 3rd of November, 2020, from 10:40 am onwards.

Dr Arunima began the discussion on Corporate Governance by familiarizing audience with the definition of corporate governance and how strong and effective corporate governance can help cultivate a culture of integrity in a company, leading to better performance and sustainability in business overall. Dr Haldar accentuated on the importance of solid corporate governance and explained why it’s imperative for companies to strengthen their corporate governance in order to signal growth and progress to the market which it operates in. She explained how companies with strong corporate governance have a competitive edge in the market. Further, the discussion was also extended to the topics like Corporate Governance around the globe, Human Capital Index Composition, and Social Capital Index Composition. She explained in great detail the powers the board of directors hold in a company. Dr Haldar also explained the mechanism of corporate governance and how things are done in Indian Firms, as far as Corporate Governance is concerned. The speaker also discussed about the role independent females play in modern firms and the need for diversity in human social capital among the board of directors. Dr Prashant Dev Yadav, faculty, at SCMS NOIDA, put forth some of his opinions related to the subject as well following which students were invited to ask questions they might have had and voice their thoughts and opinions on the subject with the guest. 

After summarising the information, she intended to provide and discussing facts, realistic ideas and insights with the students about Corporate financing, the session came to an end. 

Overall, the event was a great success for The Finance Club of SCMS-NOIDA and the students participated with enthusiasm and were enlighten with the knowledge and experience the guest shared with them.