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Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies Noida, one of the best and most prestigious management colleges in DELHI NCR, is widely recognized for its commitment to academic excellence. The institution has a rich history of hosting diverse and impactful events, which have played a significant role in nurturing creativity among its students and leaving a lasting legacy.

Continuing this illustrious legacy, SCMS Noida is back with its most happening academic event of all time: BIZCON’23 - The Annual Academic Fest after three successful additions - BIZCON 1.0, BIZCON 2.0 and BIZCON 3.0. This event, comprising a plethora of competitions, offers students from different universities a marvellous platform to showcase their corporate and business spirit and gain valuable insights from their peers.

BIZCON’23 is a collective endeavour of all five academic clubs at SCMS Noida: the Human Resources Club, Marketing Club, International Business Club, Finance Club, and Business Analytics Club. These clubs are on a perpetual quest to push boundaries, constantly conceiving and launching innovative events that elevate the college experience. Their shared vision is to cultivate an atmosphere that blends competitiveness with innovation.

The Fourth Edition of BIZCON, promises to be a grand showcase of meticulously planned and engaging management events. With open events where participation is for all, attendees can anticipate a captivating blend of creativity and professionalism.

The ultimate arena of academics, the very own Bizcon’23 of SCMS Noida, will take place on the 19th and 20th of October 2023, featuring a diverse array of thrilling competitions where participants can exhibit their skills and engage in cerebral battles to prove their prowess.

The profusion that resides within BIZCON’23 includes:


In "B-Plan," participants step into the world of innovation. This business idea pitch competition is the breeding ground for creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Aspiring entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts converge to present their unique venture ideas, blending creativity with critical thinking. B-Plan offers a stage to shine, fostering connections and nurturing dreams.


The Tradeville offers a unique dive into international diplomacy and strategic economics. Teams assume the roles of mock countries, addressing hypothetical scenarios with innovative solutions and cross-border strategic plans. Focused on economic challenges, teams craft policies, engage in discussions, and build alliances to tackle real-world issues collaboratively. Whether the participant aspires to be a diplomat, study international relations, or have a passion for policy, IBCON broadens their global perspective.


In "Deal or Duel," teams embark on an extraordinary journey, becoming strategic architects, and crafting ingenious pitches for potential joint ventures. This is not just pitching; it's creating magic. The team's creativity knows no bounds, and the canvas awaits. As the journey climaxes, the campus buzzes with energy. Teams and judges immerse in a boardroom simulation, representing companies eyeing the coveted opportunity to partner with BlackRock, a global investment powerhouse. Join for a thrilling exploration of strategic partnerships and negotiation finesse.


This competition spans multiple rounds, offering participants a virtual capital of 1,000,000 currency units in each. The challenge? Craft a winning portfolio by trading various asset classes, including Futures & Options (F&O), Stocks, and Commodities. Each round introduces different assets, enabling participants to diversify their portfolios and test their investment savvy. Join for a thrilling journey into the world of trading and investment strategy, where every move counts in the quest for financial success.


Welcome to 'Comeback Crusade' – the ultimate restaurant-business quiz challenge! No prior expertise is required. Whether the teams are food enthusiasts, creative thinkers, aspiring entrepreneurs, or just passionate about finding solutions, this offline quiz is for you. Imagine taking charge of a lackluster cafe and turning it into a culinary sensation. Along the way, face tough scenarios, cook up solutions, and aim for the top spot on a real-time leaderboard. Discover the crucial role of data in decision-making, all while enjoying the journey as much as your favourite dish.


Embark on an electrifying journey with "Escape Quest" – an extraordinary digital escape room adventure with a murder mystery twist, powered by Microsoft Excel. The teams immerse in a suspenseful whodunit where every twist and turn tests your inner detective. But it's not just about escaping; it's an opportunity to hone problem-solving skills, ignite creativity, and have a blast. Gather your friends, and unlock secrets, crack codes, and unravel mysteries together. Time is precious, and Excel is your trusty companion in this heart-pounding adventure. Get ready to be thrilled!


Prepare to unlock marketing prowess at the Marketing Triathlon! This event offers a thrilling journey through the realms of marketing, creativity, and strategy. Participants will be pushed to their limits as they showcase their budgeting skills in a product auction, engage in a creative showdown by crafting concise advertisements, and face the grand finale with unique pitching challenges. It's an exhilarating test of marketing acumen that promises to leave a lasting impression in the world of marketing. Get ready for a competition like no other!


Step into the thrilling world of the film industry with 'FlickPitch,' a prestigious marketing competition that plunges the participants into the realm of movie sequels. Teams embark on a creative journey to craft captivating continuations for beloved films or web series, complete with innovative titles, eye-catching posters, gripping trailers, and cost-effective marketing campaigns on a tight budget. Whether it's reinventing 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' or breathing new life into other classics, this competition is the chance to compete for exciting prizes and the coveted title of FlickPitch Champions.


If the teams possess Sherlock Holmes-like investigation skills and have an insatiable appetite for solving complex cases involving famous corporate scams, then 'HR SAGA' is the ultimate challenge. Presented by the Human Resources Club, this event is designed to put the participants' critical thinking and keen observation to the test. Participants will tackle real-world case problems in multiple rounds, presenting their ingenious solutions. The team that presents the most practical and effective solution will be crowned the victor.


"The Role Reversal" is an exciting mock interview competition that invites participants to step into the shoes of both HR Managers and job applicants. It's a unique opportunity to experience the hiring process from both sides. Competitors will face various scenarios and circumstances, either conducting interviews as HR Managers or portraying candidates seeking employment. This event provides valuable insights into the dynamics of hiring and interviewing, fostering a deeper understanding of the recruitment process.


"Timescape Trivia" transcends traditional quizzes, offering a dynamic platform for participants to test their knowledge and stay attuned to our ever-evolving world. This event seamlessly merges education and entertainment, inviting participants to broaden their horizons, delve into diverse subjects, and partake in spirited competition. It's more than just a quiz; it's an intellectual adventure that celebrates curiosity and awareness while fostering friendly rivalry. Join us for a journey of enlightenment and fun!


Enter the enthralling world of knowledge, where brilliance and competition converge in the "Academic Arena Challenge." Inspired by the iconic quiz show "Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC)," this event transcends mere academia; it's a riveting voyage through the domains of learning. Watch as students from diverse backgrounds go head-to-head, demonstrating their expertise in five distinct specializations.


Step into the world of financial acumen and strategic thinking with our stock market-inspired game show. Participants must demonstrate their knowledge of stocks and their prices while showcasing their debating and reasoning skills to avoid elimination. It's a captivating blend of brains and bluffs, where contestants navigate the complexities of the stock market, make calculated decisions, and engage in tactical debates to emerge victorious.

The Annual Academic Fest offers a diverse array of intellectually stimulating competitions, catering to a wide range of interests and skills. This event embodies the spirit of innovation, critical thinking, and collaboration, providing a platform for students to showcase their talents and learn from their peers. With its impressive lineup of events, BIZCON continues to be a hallmark of academic excellence and a testament to SCMS Noida's commitment to nurturing the next generation of business leaders.