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The Mentoring Cell of Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, NOIDA conducted an event for the students of batch 2023-2027, CoBuild 3.0: Together We Winon 1st September 2023. The foremost objective of the event was to build a sense of collectivism among the students and to familiarize them with their peers. Various team-building activities were organized by the cell to inculcate the spirit of teamwork and learn to coordinate, cooperate and collaborate with each other to achieve common goals. The students actively participated in all the activities and gained hands-on experience in working together as a team.

The event commenced with a brief introduction of the cell by the hosts, Vimanyu Bhatia and Aishi Gupta. A summary of the events conducted by the cell like Carve a Niche, interactive sessions, webinars on mental health issues, sexual harassment, etc. along with a concise mention of the 4 verticals and their heads were intimated to the students. After the introductions, the 2 hosts of the event shared their own personal experiences with the students on the stage and how the cell helped in their journey of personal growth. Then all the students present in the seminar hall were divided into 9 teams consisting of 6-7 members each. Each team was accompanied by a cell associate to monitor and regulate the teams while maintaining the decorum of the college campus. The members of the team introduced themselves and interacted with each other. They had to decide on a team name based on their interests and opinions. After deciding on the names, the activities were thoroughly explained to the students by the head of the planning team, Kushagra Karki. In the first activity ‘Beg, Borrow, Steal’, each team had to perform 5 tasks and they were to be completed in a span of 15 minutes. A 6th, surprise task was also given to the teams later to make the game more challenging. Each team had to collect certain items within the college campus and present them in the seminar hall within the time limit. In the second activity ‘Guess What?’, a nominated member of each team had to guess the items, other team members had without seeing but with the help of the object descriptions. The top 2 winning teams went to the last round of the event.

In the 3rd activity ‘Quiz: Tic Tac Toe’, the last 2 teams stood against one another. Each member of the team had to answer one question related to general knowledge or Bollywood. On giving the correct answer, a cross or circle was made on a sheet of paper with 9 squares. The winning team would get a certificate and social media recognition. The enthusiasm of the students to win was commendable and the dedication with which they participated in the event, we could infer that the event was a success. The students enjoyed themselves thoroughly and interacted with their peers nicely. The event was concluded with a vote of thanks on behalf of the cell and our Faculty in charge, Dr. Kanishka Gupta and welcoming the interested students for getting recruited in the cell.

Some geotagged photographs of the event:

cobuild 3.0 together we win event at SCMS Noida
cobuild 3.0 together we win event at SCMS Noida
cobuild 3.0 together we win event at SCMS Noida
cobuild 3.0 together we win'23 event at SCMS Noida
cobuild 3.0 together we win'23 event at SCMS Noida

Faculty Incharge- Mentoring Cell
Dr. Kanishka Gupta

Officiating Director
Dr. Nidhi Phutela

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