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About Institute Research Committee (IRC)

The Institute Research Committee (IRC) of SCMS NOIDA renders advice on promoting and facilitating research among the students and faculty members of SCMS NOIDA. The committee comprises of internal subject matter experts as well as members from industry and other academic institutions.

Primary Role

The primary role of the IRC is to advise and support all research activities within SCMS NOIDA, including research publications, research projects, and conferences.


The scope of the activities envisaged for the committee include the following:

  • To build research capacity and offer guidance for research publications to faculty members.
  • To suggest measures for improving existing infrastructural facilities for research and enhancing research ambiance.
  • To ensure ethical conduct in research activities at SCMS NOIDA.
  • To review/recommend the participation of faculty members in research conferences and utilization of seed money for various research purposes (e.g. field visits, data collection).
  • Any other related issues that the IRC may feel appropriate.


S No. Name of Member Date Title
1 Dr Nidhi Phutela Director – SCMS NOIDA Chairperson
2 Dr Kriti Priya Gupta Professor (Business Analytics) - SCMS NOIDA Member Secretary
3 Dr Priya Grover Associate Professor (Marketing) - SCMS NOIDA Member
4 Dr Anagha Shukre Associate Professor (Marketing) - SCMS NOIDA Member
5 Dr. P. C. Jha Professor (Operations Research),
Faculty of Mathematical Science,
Department of Operational Research, Delhi University
External member from Academia
6 Dr. Ashish Dubey Assistant Professor (Marketing),
Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow (NOIDA Campus)
External member from Academia
7 Dr Sanjiv Layek Executive Secretary, World Association for Small & Medium Enterprises (WASME) External member from Industry
8 Mr. Anubhav Kumar Jain Area Sales Manager, Ultratech Cements, New Delhi External member from Industry