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HR E-Conclave

Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, NOIDA organized the HR e-Conclave on 12th September 2020 virtually on Zoom Meeting App. The event brought together eminent and thoughtful professionals from the industry on a common stage where they shared their opinions and life experiences and knowledge pertaining to the evolution of Human Resources Management in organizations. 

The conclave was hosted by the HR Club, SCMS NOIDA and Dr. Ruby Sengar being the Area Chair of the HR Department welcomed all the guests with her address of welcome. It saw tremendous participation from students, faculties and academicians from across the country. The opening note of the event was given by Dr. K. P. Venugopala Rao, Director, SCMS NOIDA and he spoke on the intention of the Conclave.

The event was inaugurated by Mr. Atulya Goswami, HR Head India Region UPL Ltd. In his keynote address he spoke about how in future companies will be able to dive into the rising role of analytics in HR and how an overwhelming amount of effort will go into collation of data. The keynote was followed by the Panel Discussion and the Mid-Day Keynote was delivered by Mr. Ramanand Puttige, Head in Global Talent Management and Head HR (India and APAC) Cyient Ltd. Here he talked about the technologies disrupting the traditional HR roles. The Mid-Day Keynote was followed by the Panel Discussion.

Mr. Atulaya Goswami (HR Head India Region, UPL Ltd.) began his keynote by saying that HR is all about humans as HR starts with a ‘H’ not ‘T’ which is technology or ‘D’ as is in digital. The digital era is not an idea to replace humans but improve the efficiency. He also highlighted the skills required and will be prominent in next 15-20 years: User and entity big data analytics, App and web enabled markets, Internet of things and Machine learning.

Mr. Ramanand Puttige (Head – Global Talent Management and Head HR, India and APAC, Cyient Ltd.) started his mid-day keynote by briefing about Cyient Ltd. He further talked about the Industry 4.0 and the major disruptors. He also highlighted some contributing digital technologies to Industry 4.0 like IOT, Augmented Reality, Mobile Devices, etc. He took his conversation ahead went on to talk about Analytics and discussed how zillions of data is being stored and this data is being accessed using Analytics which tells how to reap the benefits of it with proper usage. Towards the end he also talked about Talent Management which is the blend of sustainable recruitment, sustainable development, and sustainable retention. He also added that the technology used in Talent Acquisition is an optimization of 3 processes i.e. Cognitive Insights, Cognitive Engagement (Chat Bots), and Process Automation. The highlight of the Keynote speech can be heard at the following link:

Mr. Kingshuk Nag (Editor In Chief and Chairman & MD Words Worth Printing Pvt. Ltd.) was the moderator and kept the panel discussion interactive through his questions to various panelists.

Mr. V.V. Parsuram (CFO, Viyash Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd) addressed topics like Businesses require reconstruction for improved efficiency of the employees especially in times of uncertainty and also emphasized on how change is good for both employees and the organisation.

Dr. Rajesh Parekh (Executive Coach, Assessor, Leadership Development, OD & Change Practitioner & Training Consultant, Bayer) talked about how Planning for his company changed due to the lockdown but they had to adapt rather quickly and how they redesigned their strategies to align with present day needs. He also emphasized on how they utilized the blended learning programs and tied up with large companies. He also talked about how his organization was able to identify the need for certain competencies needed to continue working and learning during the pandemic and how flexibility towards technology became important and should be a priority for working individuals.

While the discussion about the recent pandemic and its consequences on the corporate world was going on, Mr. A.C. Joshi (Director, ISTD) spoke about how it varied across different industries. He further added how these are the times where the HR can lead everyone’s way out of a problem and how it becomes their duty to redefine roles and responsibilities for everyone and make sure that the company does not suffer. He further used an example of his own workplace, ISTD to explain how they overcame certain issues. To listen to the highlights of the panel discussion are:

According to Mr. Abhay Kapoor (Senior HR Leader), proper management of human resources is the only key to the long-term success of any organisation. He specifically emphasised on importance of workforce management and people management. In addition to that, he mentioned that how a well-managed workforce contributes to the improvised performance of employees both as a team and individually. He highlighted how technology enables the organization to grow and relevance of employee engagement and employee interaction.

Mr. Gautam Mehra (National Head & Vice President – Talent Management, OD & Performance Management, Bajaj Capital) started off by throwing light on the current situation where companies are coming up with hybrid roles for their employees, combining different tasks to reduce the workload but at the same time, keep the company on the priority. Mr. Mehra also discussed about adapting to the changing work environment. He also clarified the doubts of students regarding their future job uncertainty in times of distress and how they should strive to fulfil their dreams.

The E-Conclave was a huge success and had insightful discussions wherein all the panellists echoed in on the fact that the workplace has changed and organizations are constantly adjusting to it. The HR E-Conclave ended with a vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Sunita Dwivedi, Faculty In-Charge – CITP, SCMS NOIDA. The link of the video clip is: