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International Business

International Business is the management education specialization that teaches and imbibes skills on different aspects of business and marketing on a global scale. This BBA specialization helps prospective business leaders holistically understand the global business environment. In an increasingly globally integrated world, it is imperative to have a fair understanding of how to do business in various countries. E.g., Value chains are now spread across many countries, how to organize the production process to minimize the costs, and also any risks towards the supply of various factors of production and so on.

The specialization offers opportunities for those aiming to establish themselves globally. Considering the enormity of the area of International Business, the specialization covers a core paper and various other papers holding importance from economics and business perspective. The specialization helps the students to get an overview of the global economic environment and gives them an understanding of the International business strategy. It also helps the students to understand the various facets of international trade and logistics, along with building knowledge about the top financial and trade institutions around the World.

The specialization aims to produce competent business executives/managers to meet the growing demands in the field of International Management. It further helps in decision making and strategy, the core jobs at senior management level. It is ideal for professionals seeking to accelerate a career in International Business. Typically, business graduates with a good grounding in international business are better equipped to come up with well-nuanced responses to exogenous shocks, such as a global recession or pandemic or trade wars between two major powers or some other geopolitical factors affecting business environment.

Town Hall

The IB Club of SCMS NOIDA organized their flagship event The IB Town Hall on 6th of December 2020 at 5:30 pm onwards which was attended by students from all three batches. The event which consisted of five different rounds of discussion among the students was centred on the topic “Does presidential elections in America affects the economy of India”.

The event began by the welcoming remarks of the Deputy Head of the IB club, wherein she introduced all the participants, discussed the instructions and rules and gave an introduction of the topic for the event.

The round 1 was an opening statement round, each panellist had one minute to give their opinion on the topic and what all aspects of the topic that they will be covering in the succeeding rounds.

The round 2 was a “point of view” round in which each panellist got around 5 minutes to present their prepared speech and talk about their viewpoints on the topic. 

The round 3 was a new round introduced in this event which was known as the “challenger” round. The round consisted of the challengers to give their viewpoint and ask the panellists questions. Each challenger had a time limit of about 5 minutes in which the questions were supposed to be asked and answered.

The round 4 was a “Q&A” round. Each panellist got a few minutes to cross-question each other’s viewpoints and speech that they made in the previous rounds. This round was a very thought-provoking round because of the interesting discussion the panellists were having.

The round 5 was a “Conclusion” round. This round marked the end of the discussion. Each panellist got a few minutes to give their final thoughts and viewpoints on the topic of discussion. The discussion was indeed a fruitful and insightful experience for everyone.

The event was indeed a huge success and all the credit goes to the IB Club of SCMS NOIDA and the faculty in charge who helped organize this event.