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Cultural Evening 2022

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With an electrifying Pre-Fest, the Student Affairs Council (SAC) of SCMS NOIDA marked the beginning of the annual cultural fest Symaroh 2022. Our college's art group, Aarang, decorated the campus with magnificent artwork and handcrafted decorations. The entire college campus was illuminated and filled with Symaroh celebratory vibrations. The Pre-fest began with Dhol sounds, a captivating dance performance, and a skit by our Drama society, Kirdaar, which drew everyone in and signaled the commencement of Symaroh 2022's first offline Prefest. The amphitheater was packed with students eagerly anticipating the commencement of the prefest. Our hosts for the evening enkindled the prefest and started the evening with their lively bhangra performance.

First up, Elan, the SCMS NOIDA fashion society, impressed everyone with their spectacular fashion sense. Their movements and facial expressions were on par with any runway model presentation. No event is complete without dance, and Symbeats, the dance society, was up to the task. We had solo, group, and duet performances. Our drama society, Kirdaar, thrilled us all with their take on the popular Indian show Shark Tank, India. They made an even bigger impact with a scary performance about how depression affects individuals, the significance of kindness, and the need of giving everyone a chance before passing judgment. Last but not the least, we had Dhwani, our music society, who stole the show with their solo, duet and group performances.

Divyansh Agrawal, Student Head of the Symaroh 2022, and Akshat Jain, Marketing Head of Symaroh 2022 Organizing Committee, then presented the video that announced Mr. Rahul Dua as the Celebrity Guest for Symaroh 2022. Following the celebrity reveal, Avnie Bansal, the student head of the Symaroh 2022, offered the vote of thanks. She expressed gratitude to Director Sir, Deputy Director Ma'am, Faculty Incharge, and the audience for their active participation and enthusiasm. She ended the night by stating that Symaroh will be even more enjoyable for all. The event concluded with DJ night.

The Pre-Fest was a big success, and it pumped up the students and participants even more for SYMAROH 2022, the greatest of all time.