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Webinar on Mental Well-Being

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Webinar on Mental Well-Being

“Prioritizing Emotional Well-Being During the College Years”

“Your Present Circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.” – Nido Qubein

Emotional well-being is a crucial aspect of life because it is an indispensable element of one's growth and impacts thoughts, actions, and emotions. Taking that into account, the ISR CLUB of SCMS NOIDA conducted an interactive webinar session on 8th September 2020. For this purpose, an organization MANSEEKH, (an initiative towards spreading awareness of mental wellbeing) along with the ISR Club organized a webinar which aimed at highlighting how being healthy emotionally can enhance productivity and effectiveness in various activities in one's life. The webinar also highlighted how Emotional wellness promotes self-care, rest, stress-reduction, and the growth of inner strength. It also showcased why it is necessary to be attentive to positive and negative feelings and be able to understand how to handle these emotions. The webinar also talked about how emotional wellbeing is an important part of overall wellness.

The webinar provided the students a platform in the form of an interactive session with a leading psychologist, Dr. Shobhika Jaju, where they were able to put across their questions throughout the webinar and participated with keen interest. She conducted various engaging activities and talked about concepts like Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), Lack of emotional hygiene, Embrace healthy thoughts, Constructive thinking, self-care, and the importance of sleep.

She gave the audience her valuable bits of advice such as strengthening our connections, fostering wellness, discovering a purpose to keep us going, carrying positive things in our mind, focusing on situations and things that are within our control, and blocking questions and stressful situations from spiraling. Her activities were aimed at identifying our stressors and how to find solutions to help deal with them. Thinking about the solutions when we can, helps to implement them in a better way. Also advised us to stay connected with the people we love as it helps bring to us peace of mind.

The webinar had a positive outcome as the speaker supported the students to manage their more profound concerns and advised them with different ways to cope with their troubles about emotional well-being. 

Staying updated on what is happening around the world helps as long as we balance the positive and the negative. The students took back healthy words from the webinar that will motivate them to perform better in the future. A glimpse of the webinar is attached.

Mental well being webinar SCMS NOIDA
SCMS NOIDA webinar on mental well being