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Event Report- CoBuild: Teamwork is the key

“Together, ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results.”

Team building is providing your peers with the skills, training, and tools they require to work together effectively. However, in order to be truly effective, it must be a continuous process that is ingrained in the culture of your team…

On 5th August 2021, The Mentoring Cell of SCMS, NOIDA hosted “CoBuild: Teamwork is the key” with the aim of instilling the spirit of Team building among the students. The session was held entirely online and was open to all 2nd and 3rd year students. The students took an active role in the event and had a good time playing various team-building games that were prepared for them. By participating in the event, the students got the chance to experience team building by taking part in activities with different groups for each activity.

The event started off with dance and music by students doing the hook step of the famous Anil Kapoor song “My name is Lakhan”, to make the students feel at ease with their peers. Everyone loved this great start and enthusiastically danced. After this the event took another fun filled turn where the host of the event showed some famous places and participants were required to guess the place. This game helped to cheer everyone and make them ready for another guessing game of songs wherein instrumental tunes of some popular Bollywood songs were played and students had to name them. All the students were quite sharp at this guessing game and passed this round with flying colours. The main aim was to inculcate team building skills and along with that rejuvenate young minds and they usually get stressed up with continuous studies. It was a great source of entertainment for them.

Afterwards, the first main team building activity SCAVENGER HUNT took place. For that participants where sent into breakout rooms randomly along with group leaders. In the game have they needed to collect items with letter “N” and colour “Yellow” available in their surroundings. To add more fun to it before starting this activity, the students were asked to introduce themselves by quoting their favourite movie or TV series dialogue. It led to laughter and joy. This game helped to check their quickness and application of mind. After finishing with this game, all the students played some short filler games of guessing the movie with given hints (i.e. emojis and posters). It was a superb way to chill and relax.

Now they had to fasten their seat belts and get ready for second main activity in separate breakout rooms named BRAIN TEASERS. In this activity the students were allotted 5 minutes to answer brain teasers that included riddles like childhood pictures of famous celebrities, riddles, puzzles, find the differences etc. Everyone loved the game and enjoyed it thoroughly. Even after time was up, participants wished to continue playing as they found the questions captivating and knowledgeable. When this got ended, another famous filler of tongue twister was conducted. People couldn’t stop laughing. Everyone tried their bit to say difficult Hindi and English tongue twisters but only few succeeded to win. Still everyone appreciated this wonderful filler. 

Last but not the least it was time to start SCRAMBLE which was third breakout room activity. In this few set of jumbled letters were given to the students out of which they had to make as many meaningful words as possible. Almost all the groups were successful in framing a large amount of words and it’s highly appreciable. 

Before moving to the end of the event a small activity of guessing the Hindi songs by their English translated lyrics was conducted. People had fun at guessing songs. Also, we got to hear few students singing in between which was like icing on the cake. The whole event was conducted in a smooth and interesting manner. Every activity was filled with suspense and thrill for participants. We got amazing response from students. They wished to organise events like these once in every month which is a great source of motivation for the organizers. We were blown away by their enthusiasm.

Some Geotagged photographs of the Event:

Event Coordinator:                                                                 Director:

Dr. Kanishka Gupta                                                                  Dr. K. P. Venugopala Rao

(Faculty In-charge Mentoring Cell)