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The last year has led to a noteworthy change for everybody around what work is and how it affects our life. To discuss these challenges, SCMS NOIDA organized an HR E-Conclave 2020 which gave a platform where best HR professionals shared their insights on the evolution of HR practices in those temperamental times to bring about effectiveness in restructuring the workplace and workforce readiness in alignment with future needs and developments. From hiring to on-boarding to development, employee journeys have changed this year.

Conventional ways of doing work have been swapped with innovative ways for personnel to connect and cooperate with peers and clienteles. In an isolated workplace setting, people have become comfortable to new flexibility which they would like to expect in “return to work” or an amalgamation of both online and offline work strategy. Therefore, the workforce has a new definition of “personal connectedness” for their organization. Continuing the legacy, SCMS NOIDA is organizing an HR Conclave 2021 which will bring a journey of discovery and imagination as to how organizations and businesses can leverage experience at the core of their business strategies to rethink employee experience for recovery, growth, and success in our new world of work.

Organizations will have to seriously pay attention to employee experience in order to retain top talent as work will stay virtual for the majority. Employee experience in 2021 requires continuous hearing and feedback from the organization rather than once in a quarter or once in six months’ surveys. In fact, learning became one of the top modes to differentiate an organization’s employee experience and keep employees engaged. HR Conclave will talk about employee experience in these COVID and post COVID times and propose ways that businesses can respond. 

The sessions which will be included in the HR E-Conclave 2021 are:

  • Redefining employee experience definitions and models post-pandemic.
  • Responding to new employee work expectations and preferences after more than a year of remote work.
  • Developing an Organizational Culture focussing on Mindfulness and Mental Health