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APPT (Analyse Prepare Present Transort)

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APPT (Analyse Prepare Present Transort)


The event “APPT: Analyse Prepare Present Transort ” was organized virtually by The Business Analytics Club on 19th February 2021. This event provided the students with an opportunity to demonstrate their innovative vision and discover the wide spectrum of analytics. The PowerPoint skills of the students were put to test with this event.

This event had participants from all three batches. It was a perfect opportunity for all students to explore the fascinating world of analytics. The event tested the participants’ creative thinking and presentation skills. They were asked to send their app ideas in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. Out of the overwhelming responses the top 6 were selected for the final evaluation.

The finalists then presented their apps in front of the audience and judges with confidence and conviction. The judges evaluated and cross questioned each participant on the bases of different parameters set by them. The participants were put on spot by the judges to test them but still the participants kept their calm and made it through. They were given only 6 minutes to present their idea cross the audience. 

After all the presentations, a Google form was shared amongst the audience and the judges to allot score they deemed appropriate according to them. After the tally of marks 3 participants emerged victorious. 

The outcomes of the event were to help students understand the huge spectrum of scope in the field of analytics and how analytics can help them in taking data related strategic decisions in building businesses and applications in the current market scenario. Lastly, polishing PowerPoint skills also played a crucial role. In the life of a management professional, correct and efficient usage of PowerPoint is an indispensable skill which has to be perfected by every management student. With this event we instilled a curiosity among students to seek out interesting features of PowerPoint presentations as well as test their limits with already existing expertise on the same.

Finally, this event could not have been possible without Dr. Nidhi Natrajan (Area Chair- Business Analytics), Dr. Shikha Singh (Head- Student Affairs Council), Dr. Anagha Shukre, Dr. Prashant Yadav, Dr. Kriti Priya Gupta. The hardworking Business Analytics Club Core Team made this event a success.

Some photos of the event:

APPT - Symbiosis NOIDA

Event Coordinator:

Dr.Shikha Singh


Dr. K.P.Venugopala Rao