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Symperia 2017

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Symperia 2017

Feb 27 – March 2, 2017

“What makes a person successful is not worldly knowledge alone but a resilience,  determination, strong-will, and confidence that up within and along with an individual.”

At SCMS Noida, we instill all the essential elements of success and confidence in our students through sports.

 The Inter-Collegiate Sports Fest of SCMS NOIDA- SYMPERIA’17  was organized from 27th Feb 2017 – 2nd March 2017 with great enthusiasm and vigor. Around 45 colleges from all over Delhi-NCR participated in different Sports organized in the fest.

The students participated in various events like Cricket, Football, Volleyball,  Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Carom, and Table Tennis.

The colleges that bagged the 1st position were ; 

Badminton- Daulat Ram college, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, SCMS Noida & Amity University

Table Tennis- LSR, PGDAV, SCMS Noida

Carrom- SCMS Noida

Chess – Hansraj

Basketball- JIT

Cricket- FDDI

Mini Football- SCMS Noida

Volleyball- Sri Aurobindo college

The Winners of all the events were given prize money of Rs. 10000/- (for team events) and Rs.2000/- (for singles). All the Winners and Runner Ups were given Trophies and Certificates.

To promote health, wellness and fitness among the faculty and staff members of SCMS NOIDA, few informal sports were organized especially for them like Sack race, Dodge ball, Three- legged race, Lemon and Spoon race and much more. 

The winners of the same were awarded nutritious and health-related products.

Symperia 2017 SCMS NOIDA
Symperia 2017 - SCMS NOIDA
SCMS NOIDA Symperia 2017
SCMS NOIDA - Symperia 2017
SCMS NOIDA Symperia - 2017