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A BBA degree is meant to be ‘General’ by nature. This is where SCMS, NOIDA differs with the rest. A student will spend the first year building a strong foundation in the core subjects like accounting, statistics, mathematics, economics, and communication along with the introduction to functional subjects in the domain of marketing, finance and human resource. SCMS offers specializations from the second year in the following:

  1. Marketing
  2. Finance
  3. Human Resource
  4. International Business
  5. Business Analytics new From Academic Year 2018-19

Offering specializations where students can hone their skills and concentrate on the areas in which they wish to build their career is a popular concept. Today recruiters want to see demonstrated focus on a particular field or a domain area. Listing your specialization on your resume helps a student stand out from the crowd and facilitates internships, final placements as well as prepare a base for higher education in that field. Students are encouraged to take up additional certificate courses to bolster their market readiness and business acumen.