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Whole set of forces that appeared in the last decade call for new business practices. Companies have new capabilities that can transform the way they have been doing business. Companies need fresh thinking about how to operate and compete in a new business environment. Business organization in the twenty-first century are increasingly recognizing the need to have a more complete, cohesive approach that goes beyond traditional applications of the business concept.

Post liberalization of the economy since the 1990s, the concept of business and management has undergone a sea change in India. Corporates are looking in existing and potential human capital, capabilities that are far more holistic and tuned to their own and market requirements than was prevalent before. More emphasis is being laid on performance, and application of the latest concepts in Management at the execution level to deliver top line and bottom line growth.

In the same way employees of twenty-first century need to have more complete cohesive knowledge They should not only be specialized in one area but they should also have proper understanding of other different specializations to have a holistic view of the organization. In this context Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies is the first institute to offer the cafeteria approach for its BBA Course. Students will have the choice to take specialized subjects from the first semester itself, with no pressure to select the subjects from one or two specialized areas only. Students will now have the freedom of choice as well as the the opportunity to look beyond their specialized area, so that they have a better understanding of the impact of their decisions on other departments.

Following are the specializations offered at Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies from the third semester:

  1. Marketing Management
  2. Financial Management
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. International Business

Employees today need to be multi-taskers: they cannot be focused on only one aspect. Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies prepares students for the corporate world accordingly, with certain core subjects and selected electives from varied disciplines via the “cafeteria approach”. This approach is encouraged and initiated from Semester 1 itself, to make students aware of functional interdependence in the corporate world.