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SET-B Guidelines

In view of the current pandemic and lockdown in the Country, we would be conducting the SET - B this year as a Remote Proctored Assessment, contrary to designated Test Centres, as in earlier years. This change is to allow you to give your Exam from the safety and security of your home, without the inconvenience of travel. To ensure that the exam can be successfully completed by you from your home and using your system, we have enhanced the overall exam process to provide a seamless experience. The key objective of this process is to ensure that your system is checked and configured as per the needs of taking this exam remotely. In case of any issues arise, the same will be resolved in the time allotted, post which you will appear for a Mock assessment.

 The 3- Step process as described below, will help you check the infrastructure readiness and

will help you prepare and get ready before the assessment on the exam day.

Step-1: Infrastructure Readiness Check (IRC)

Step-2: Data Quality Check (DQC)

Step-3: Exam Dry Run Check (DRC) 

 Step by Step Instructions

  1. Infrastructure Readiness Check

The most critical first step towards being able to successfully appear for the same is the Infrastructure Readiness Check (IRC). In this step, ensure that your system and internet bandwidth / speed are as per the requirement of taking the internet-based remote-proctored test. Details of the infrastructure requirement and the process to be followed for the IRC are attached along with this email. These documents can also be viewed on the set website:

  1. Infrastructure Requirement Details (click here to access the same)
  2. IRC Process Document (click here to access the same)

Please go through the attached IRC Process Document and this video before you take the Infrastructure Readiness Check.

In case you face any issue during this process, you will have the opportunity to communicate the issue to the Technical Helpdesk by raising a ticket via chat. Once the technical issues are resolved, and the checks are successfully completed, your system would be ready for the test. You are advised to use the same system and internet connection for all your future processes till the SET B examination is completed.

Kindly note that your IRC is scheduled from 10 a.m. to 12 noon on your selected IRC Date (any date between July 9 – 17).

  1. You can login, using the credentials (Login ID: SET-B ID, Password: DOB (ddmmyyyy)) as early as 8:00 a.m. on 9 July 2020 and complete all the prerequisite system checks, self-registration and download launcher from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.
  2. Once the launcher is downloaded, install it and complete a short 45-minute assessment.
  3. You can submit the assessment at any time during the 45-minute interval. However, in order to ensure your internet is able to upload videos captured from your system and they meet quality standards you should spend a minimum of 5 minutes on the assessment before submitting it.

Kindly refer to the attached FAQ’s to help you resolve standard queries apart from viewing this video on the Help desk feature process before you run the IRC. 
Note: For all support, post login, register your query in the “Helpdesk” tab in the Assessment Portal.  Our Technical Helpdesk team will be on standby and provide the required support.

  1. Data Quality Check (DQC) Once you have completed Step 1, you can take a sample set of questions like in a question paper for a period of 45 minutes. This will be conducted simultaneously along with the IRC.
  2. Test Dry Run Check (DRC) The objective of this step is to give you an actual test like experience. DRC will be conducted on the following dates: SET-B - 21 to 23 July 2020.