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Come and enter into the world of Marketing!! As a BBA student, you get a chance to traverse in a wide variety of fields namely FMCG sector, Entertainment, Consumer Durables, Media, and such others applied areas. Marketing is one of the most dynamic areas that involves a great deal of creativity and innovation. Marketing entails an understanding of the behaviour of the consumers and their demands. This is what makes Marketing one of the most challenging and interesting fields as understanding human behaviour is not easy. 

With change being the only constant, the most successful businesses and professionals need to understand their consumers through key insights. Their primary requisite lies in establishing strong connect with customers through captivating brand building stories and developing new forms of engagement. In this era of co-creation, only managing the needs of customers is not enough. You will be exposed to various businesses to successfully navigate through the new challenges of the digital world. 

Marketing is a blend of both art and science, that not only spells teamwork, good money but also gives a thrill of victory while being result-oriented, thoughtful and ethical. The Marketing area puts a special emphasis on the value of learning by doing and is a testament to the value of studying right.  We, at SCMS NOIDA, continuously update our curriculum by offering contemporary, creative and cutting-edge courses to train students for their careers. Specializations in Marketing like Product and Brand Management, Integrated Marketing Communications, Services’ Marketing, Digital Marketing and such others will help you in providing an exemplary view of business tactics and strategies. This will also aid in building an understanding of the Marketing world and in getting acquainted with the business world in the real sense. 

Marketing is known to foster a strong sense of camaraderie among its students. The Marketing faculty in the Institute engages in research and follows a mix of pedagogical tools to make the content interesting and learning effective by offering students to hone their skills, get equipped with disparate tools, concepts, and practices which are required in their making of customer-oriented business leaders. So, if you are driven to challenges, are naturally out-going, love meeting people, like travelling and have a bend of mind towards creativity, critical thinking, creative problem-solving then you are the right person for Marketing!!! 

Advertising and Branding in today’s era

Marketing club of SCMS NOIDA organized a guest lecture on Advertising and Branding in Today’s Era by Dr Falguni Vasavada on 24thSeptember, 2020  from 11:20 a.m. onwards. The guest lecture was organized with an aim to provide the students with valuable insights on the topic of Advertising, Branding and Marketing Communications which will equip them with knowledge and skills to excel in the field of Advertising as well as Strategic Marketing in Digital Era. 

Dr. Falguni Vasavada is Professor & Chair, Strategic Marketing Area at MICA. She teaches across programs and also runs online programs in the area of Advertising Management & Public Relations, Marketing & Brand Management for working professionals and also is a TEDx speaker. 

Dr Vasavada began her discussion with the topic of changing consumer behaviour in today’s era. She explained how digital footprint and consumption of media on digital platforms of consumers have increased in the past decade and will continue to rise in future as well. She emphasized on tracking changing consumer dynamics and how companies can listen to their customers more effectively by keeping a close watch on their customers and their activities online. 

She stressed upon the fact that brands only constitute 1% of what we talk about while discussing a product and its attributes. Dr Vasavada described lengthily how attention spans of modern consumers are decreasing, making it tough for the brands to keep them engaged as well as interested. Dr Vasavada also touched upon the topics of influencer marketing, consumer decision making and personal branding. She repeatedly accentuated the importance of listening to your customers and creating the content that provides value. After sharing a few of the ads that caught her attention because their creativity and uniqueness with the students, she opened the floor for further discussions as well as questions from the students. The discussion ended on a delightful note.