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Academic Year- 2020-21

Restructuring towards HR Excellence in the Digital Era – The Future Need

Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, NOIDA organized the HR e-Conclave on 12th September 2020 virtually on Zoom Meeting App. The event brought together eminent and thoughtful professionals from the industry on a common stage where they shared their opinions and life experiences and knowledge pertaining to the evolution of Human Resources Management in organizations.

Skill Upgradation: Video Editing Workshop

Technatics – the IT Club of Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Noida organized an online workshop dedicated to Videography for the members of Students Affairs Council (SAC) on September 28, 2020.

Dr. Shikha Singh, faculty in-charge of SAC graced us with her presence and offered her kind words to commemorate this exciting learning opportunity for everyone. The workshop was conducted by a proud alumnus of our very own SCMS Noida, Mr. Alan Jacob, who is currently pursuing MBA from SIU, Indore.

The video editing was taught on Da Vinci Resolve 16 which is a professional 8K editing, color correction, visual effects and audio post production all-in-one free software with multi user collaboration. Da Vinci Resolve 16 is available for free and is compatible for both Windows and iOS users.

Role of Gender Equality in Society

Symbiosis Center for Management Studies, NOIDA organized a webinar on Role of Gender Equality in society for the students of 1st Year. The webinar was conducted on 7th November 2020 on Microsoft Teams platform.

The guest speaker of the webinar was Mrs. Kavitha Kota who is currently working as the L&D head, designing learning experiences and evaluating behaviour and cognitive functions is a culmination of her lifetime of experiences ranging over 2 decades. Her professional experience includes the educational sector as principal of various schools, and as the HOD in professional colleges. Contributions as the chief editor of a magazine and connect with government initiatives like Rajiv Yuva Kirananlu and as CBSE resource person, have broadened her professional horizons.

Graphic Designing Skill Development Workshop

A workshop for Canva was a necessity after recognizing the value it has in our work. As the event commenced, SAC faculty head Dr Shikha Singh welcomed all students and our guest speaker, Mr Yoheswaran (Yogi) Gnanavel. A brief introduction was given by Club-Head Avnie Bansal, followed by Deputy Head Saarthak Barathi who introduced the workshop. Team member, Manvika Singh, introduced Technatics, and Aditya Singh, a member of graphic designing, went ahead to introduce the Canva Application. Shubh Jain introduced our experienced instructor and then began the workshop as planned.

Under the guidance of Mr Yoheswaran (Yogi) Gnanavel, students walked through the entire process of creation as he designed a poster for technatics from scratch. He was open to questions and suggestions on his poster, to which our students responded with utmost excitement and interest. Mr.Yogi’s experience and expertise were hands-on in making the workshop flow smoothly.

Artificial Intelligence and the economic upheaval in the global economic world

SCMS, Noida organised a webinar for the students with electives of International Business, Finance and Business Analytics. This webinar was based on " Artificial Intelligence and the economic upheaval in the global economic world" which was led by Dr. Srinivas Yanamandra, an International Banker, currently residing in Shanghai, China. The Webinar kept it's theme by focusing on the review of the book titled "AI Superpowers" authored by Dr. Lee Kai Fu. Dr. Lee Kai Fu, is a prominent author who survived 20 tumours, developed the world's first speaker-independent, continuous speech recognition system as his Ph.D. thesis at Carnegie Mellon. He later worked as an executive, first at Apple, then SGI, Microsoft, and Google.

The speaker highlighted the address by emphasising on how China has been implementing almost all the ideas in a better and scalable way than the founding companies. The speaker throughout the session highlighted the importance of a country having a belief and value system of their own.

Industry 4.0: Fintech and Digital Transformation

The Intemationalization Cell at SCMS-Noida organized a webinar as a part of its Global Talk Series on February 11, 2021 based upon the topic "Industry 4.0: Fintech and Digital Transformation" which was attended by the students of Batch 2018-2021, 2019-2022 and 2020-2023. The guest speaker for the event was Ms. Devic Mohan, joining the event from UK, via zoom platform.


The Physical Fitness and Recreational Club, SCMS-NOIDA organized a cycling event in collaboration with Fit India on 21st February 2021 where the participants had to cover as many kilometers as they can. It aimed at highlighting the importance of cycling in our day to day lives, and how one can stay healthy in an economical way, which is impactful for the environment as well as for themselves. This was a virtual event hosted on the Strava app where the participants cycled in their locality ensuring social distancing.

Academic Year- 2019-20


SCMS NOIDA organized a soft skill training workshop by Ms. Radhika Pundhir, an expert soft skill coach and trainer. The workshop was organized for the third-year students to train them in making a smooth transition from college to corporate life. The workshop was held on the 6th of August, 2019.

Academic Year- 2018-19


A workshop on Personality Development was organized by SCMS NOIDA on 25th August 2018. Dr. Reena Nigam, Program Trainer, and Manager Training, Amity University was the resource person for the workshop. The sole purpose of organizing this workshop was to make the students aware that personality development plays an essential role in both their professional and personal lives. She spoke about how it makes an individual punctual, disciplined, and eventually an asset to his/her organization.


A workshop on Personality Development and Motivation was organized by SCMS NOIDA on 23rd October 2018. Wing Commander Nanda Kinra was the resource person for the workshop. The aim of organizing this workshop was to build the self-confidence and self-esteem of the students and make them aware that personality development plays an essential role in both their professional and personal lives. He spoke about the importance of discipline in building personality. 


A workshop was conducted upon “Resume Building” on the 4th December 2018 and 18th December 2018, for the students of 1st year (Batch 18-21) and 3rd year (Batch 16-19) respectively. The session was headed by Mr. Rajat Vashishta, Chief Executive at Resumod. In the workshop, Mr. Vashishta covered the various essentials of a resume, as he guided the students throughout the process of building a resume.

Academic Year- 2016-17


A Psychological Orientation Session headed by Mrs. Pooja Dawar Rao on 26th July 2016, for all the students. Psychology is the science of Behavior and Mind. The objective of this session was to make students understand the mental processes, brain functions, and behavior better. The session was led by an open house where the students interacted with the speakers with a lot of queries. The guest speakers resolved the issues and helped students understand their psychological environment better.

Academic Year- 2015-16


Mr. Ayushman Singh, Consultant at KPMG had conducted a C.V. writing workshop for the students of SCMS NOIDA of batch 2013- 16. He explained the importance of drafting a good C.V. and the benefits of the same along with good communication skills and steps to achieve the same. He gave interesting insights about Business communication and C.V. writing, the students enjoyed the session.