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Journal of General Management Research

ISSN (print): 2348 – 2869

ISSN (online): 2348 – 5434

Frequency: Bi-Annual

Journal of General Management Research, is a bi – annual, multidisciplinary publication by SCMS NOIDA, which intends to encourage theoretically sound and empirically strong new ideas and perspectives through research articles that include high quality conceptual/theoretical papers, review papers, empirical papers, case studies, and book reviews in different areas of management practice. We encourage researchers to publish their work which significantly contributes towards different aspects of management views, research and practices. This journal is a platform where you can explore the dimensions of management practices for enriching modern management science. A number of contemporary developments in the theories guiding the management practice have marked the current millennium. These developments have significantly impacted the economy of the nations as well as the overall business approach. Keeping these developments in mind, the journal caters to a wide variety of audience which includes practitioners, researchers and academicians. Our mission is to inculcate leadership and managerial skills among the readers.