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About The Journal

Numerous developments in both theory and practice have taken place in the field of management in the present millennium. These developments have impacted the economy of nations, technology and business organizations. It is important to study, articulate and understand these practices of management. 

Journal of General Management Research, published by SCMS Noida is a bi-annual journal, intended to encourage new ideas and perspectives through research articles which include high quality conceptual/theoretical review papers, empirical and multidisciplinary research papers, case studies, and book reviews in the area of management. It contributes towards different aspects of management views, research and practices. Through this journal an effort has been made to explore the dimensions of management practices for enriching modern management science. It caters to a wide variety of audience mainly practitioners, researchers and academicians. 

Scope & Aims

The scope of the journal will expand the study of management by publishing articles based on different perspectives and methodological approaches in conceptual/theoretical, empirical and policy-oriented research in different management phenomena. 

The aim of the journal is to seek original and unpublished research papers based on theoretical or applied works for the publication globally by recognizing the intricate relationships between many areas of business activities. The journal through its articles aims to improve and act as a bridge between academic research, business practices, policy makers, and government agencies in the global context.  

The Journal not only promotes research in management sciences but also stimulates discussions, deliberations and debates on different management science strategies, principles, models, methodologies, techniques, applications in the field of business, commerce, industry. The journal will serve as a generator of ideas that apply to business and economics concerns in today's increasingly interdependent world and also as a means of enlightenment and a tool in the hands of economics and business educators all over the country.

The submitted research papers must be original, insightful and relevant to management theory and practice. The submitted articles must contain a thorough understanding of the relevant literature and must contribute to the existing body of research. The manuscript could be roughly about 6000-8000 words.

The Journal of General Management Research aims to publish articles that cover domains such as - 

  • Marketing Management

  • Financial Management

  • Organisational Behaviour & Human Resource Management

  • Economics & Econometrics

  • Operational & Production Management

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Information and Communication technology

  • IT and Analytics

  • Environmental Sustainability 

  • Business Strategy and Policy

  • Entrepreneurship