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About Journal

Journal of General Management Research is a bi-annual journal peer reviewed published by SCMS NOIDA in collaboration with Bloomsbury Publishing India Pvt. Ltd. The journal is committed to publishing scholarly empirical and theoretical research articles that have a high impact on the management field as a whole.


  • To establish an effective channel of communication between policy makers, government agencies, academic and research institutions and persons concerned with the complex role of business and globalisation.
  • To promote research in management sciences and stimulate discussions, deliberations and debates on different management science strategies, principles, models, methodologies, techniques, applications in the field of business, commerce, industry.
  • To serve as a generator of ideas that apply to business and economics concerns in today's increasingly interdependent world.
  • To serve as a means of enlightenment and a tool in the hands of economics and business educators all over the country.


Journal of General Management Research provides a vehicle to help academicians, researchers, policy makers, professionals, managers, entrepreneurs and management students to exchange information and to learn from each other’s work.


Journal of General Management Research publishes original theoretical, empirical and experimental research papers, review papers, case studies, and book reviews. Occasionally, it also publishes special issues on recent trends in management. Streams covered include:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resource
  • Economics
  • Operational Research/Management
  • Production/Supply Chain Management
  • Quantitative/qualitative management, statistics
  • Information systems and technology
  • Environmental studies, urban issues, emerging markets
  • Interdisciplinary Management
  • Multidisciplinary Research