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BBA in Business Analytics

BBA in Business Analytics as a specialization was introduced at SCMS NOIDA in the academic year 2018-19. Launching analytics in the BBA programme is a unique attempt to equip the students with the current trends in technology and business. The undergraduate students of top b-schools are introduced to the application of data science and business analytics.  

Data driven business and strategy formulation is supported through analytics. The descriptive analytics helps to understand quickly changing trends, the predictive analytics supports in understanding the underlining reasons for a particular trend and prescriptive analytics suggests corresponding action & solution. The decision making and uncovering the hidden trends is the main benefit of this branch. The course comprehensively covers the warehousing, mining and visualization aspects. 

With ever increasing internet activities, high automation in organizations, social media usage and internet of things the data has become voluminous. This create big data and leads to big data analytics. Big data analytics give insights into the fast changing trends and patterns. 

This interdisciplinary nature of the courses helps students integrate technical skill development with analytical and business competencies necessary to ensure efficient and effective data-based decision making in a highly competitive business environment. The students of BBA in business analytics specialization will be able to acquire top skills related to database management, statistics, reporting, and their applications in various functional areas such as marketing, human resource, and operations. The specialization courses also ensure project-based and lab-based learning for better practical exposure. 

This interdisciplinary specialization enables the students to integrate technical skill with analytical competencies necessary to ensure efficient and effective data-based decision making in the current global scenario.