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HR Day 2017

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HR Day 2017

Competent people are assets to any successful organization and thus are of great value. Keeping this in mind, HR Club – Think Tank at SCMS, NOIDA organized an HR Day on 3 March, 2017 to enable students to identify and develop the right competencies to stay competitive as demanded by the organizations globally. On this occasion, a 3-hour session was delivered by Dr. J. Pradhan, an expert in the field of HR. The session was attended by 64 students. The HR-Expert took the session on an important research tool i.e. Psychometric Testing. The major objective of the session was to familiarize the students about why and how psychological assessment is critical at workplace. With the business competitiveness on the rise, techniques been applied for psychological assessment, dilemma and challenge with respect to what psychological tools/ measurements to be used for integrated HR interventions in a workplace was discussed. Through this session, students were able to understand that psychometric testing plays a crucial role in enabling the identification and consequent development of the competencies. The students were able to identify its relevance for HR professionals for various endeavors like selection, training, promotion, counselling and development of job-incumbents. They also understood the benefits of psychometric testing for handling people-related issues.

In the beginning of the session, he discussed the techniques of psychological measurement which aids measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and personality traits. He highlighted that intrinsic motivation of an individual shall be considered while developing a psychometric test as it is one of the important aspects of people management today. He further discussed about the future traits/ skills/ behaviors (measured through psychological measures) that are looked for while hiring. The discussion mainly revolved around today’s business contexts and the benefits of using psychological assessments of employees. The session was very well-received by the students.

HR Day 2017 - SCMS NOIDA