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Throughout its impeccable history, Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, NOIDA has been associated with excellence in academics, enhancing abilities, and exceptional intellect. One thing that has made ripples and has become an inseparable part of SCMS NOIDA is its fests and co-curricular activities, which spark infinite creativity and pave the road for future entrepreneurs. This autumn, we proudly present BIZCON 3.0, an inter-college business fest hosted by Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, NOIDA, that will provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students to experience and gain insight into what lies beyond the corporate curtain.

BIZCON 3.0 is a combined effort of all SCMS NOIDA academic clubs, namely, the Human Resources Club, Marketing Club, Business Analytics Club, Finance Club, and International Business Club. They are always seeking to outdo themselves by producing & launching unique new events for the college. The club aims to create an environment that is both competitive and innovative.

This event promises to be a one-of-a-kind, purely virtual event, spanning two days from October 18th to 19th, offering a plethora of exciting events where participants can show off their skills and battle it out with the wits to see who has the upper hand, becoming the ultimate winner. It is the ideal crusade for students seeking to make their mark against like-minded competitors and prove their mettle. The profusion that resides within BIZCON includes:


Want to do more than just laugh at the trending #buget2022 memes on the internet?? We have got you! BIZCON 3.0 presents you ‘Ye Bill Mange More!’. This one-of-a-kind event is a round table discussion where teams will formulate the union budget just like the ministry of finance. Each team will be allotted a ministry and the goal of the participants will be to get more budget for themselves. At last, the team with the best arguments will take the trophy home!


Cause and Consequence, a proud creation of the Human Resources Club, promises eventful experiences as you go down the daunting yet equally fun road of providing solutions for corporate mis-happening. Over the course of 2 rounds, get ready to prove your mettle and keep your cool as you battle it out with other participants by answering case studies and facing off in debates.


If you believe you have it in you to manage loads of data on excel that would be thrown at you, then join us at this event to test your Excellence. The Business Analytics Club presents ‘Conficase’, where the participants can enhance their analytical and thinking skills through a case study. The event aims to stimulate innovative thinking and help develop analytical competence. The one who succeeds in presenting the best feasible solution would be declared the winner.


B-Plan will not be an ordinary Business Plan Competition, this time it will have a twist as we all must be aware, Shark Tank India is an informative and interesting show for budding entrepreneurs. B-Plan will just be a mock version of Shark Tank. So, the rules will be simple the participants will pitch their original business ideas to a panel of potential investors, the “Sharks”. The panelists (judges) themselves will be ‘big shots’ industry experts who will analyze the business models and products.


Were you ever fascinated by those fancy TV auctions? Well, we are giving you a chance to be in one! The Marketing Triathlon will have a total of 3 rounds. The teams will have to buy certain products depending upon their budget from the auction, advertise them and try to sell them to the judges under unique situations. It is finally time to let those creative juices flow! See you at the auction!


Are you ready to participate in the season’s most engaging analytics quiz? You read it right. The quiz will test your knowledge and prowess of analytical tools. Ready for it? Then we present you ‘Quizastic’. This one-of-a-kind specifically curated quiz, enhances & fine-tunes the participants’ problem-solving skills, and their ability to decode questions and answer them instantaneously. To win Quizastic, the participants require no prior knowledge of the subject of the question. Only critical thinking and the ability to use all given resources.


The Human Resources Club is excited to announce ‘Actors Reloading…’, an event that will provide the opportunity for all aspiring actors to come together and participate in an exciting and entertaining rollercoaster. Act out various hilarious situations and engage in enticing conversations in this fun-filled skit event, for the memories as well as various learning outcomes will be a takeaway for the participants for years to come. We'll give you lots of time to come up with the most likable exchanges, so don't worry.


Aspiring to be a business tycoon? We have got something to test your business acumen! ‘Tremissis’, a challenge to present the right business plan for an MNC to enter the Indian markets. The plan can include aspects like entry strategy, operating and financial plans, and much more. Let's see what you have got!


What time is it? The time to use your hidden directing skills! In this event, the teams will be asked to come up with unique trailers of uncanny and peculiar 'prop- themed 'movies and then will have to promote the same. So, without waiting much, start assembling your movie set. And CUT!


Out of the Box is conducted by the International Business Club, which would give all the students a platform to work as a team in making a unique brand/product line by making a collaboration of 2 international brands and then selling that product in some other country. This event is innovatively designed to facilitate a continuous flow of critical and logical thinking. The basic aim of this event is to give students a platform to think and use their creativity to come up with a product that is practical in today’s scenario.


The Human Resources Club proudly presents ‘Know it all’, which will give participants the chance to demonstrate their aptitude for problem-solving. Entries for this competition will be accepted in teams of three, and the first round will kick off with a crossword puzzle to be solved in a specific amount of time. The puzzle masters of the first round will then proceed to show off their critical skills as well as coordination in a quiz that might just offer them more than they expect. Suspenseful motivation is the best kind after all.


"Mind boggling", "Startling" and 'Baffling” are the few adjectives that can be used to describe this event. Why? Well, for starters in this event our participants will have to go through a quiz round consisting of mind-bending questions related to mergers, ventures, and marketing strategies. The teams will have to merge 1 failed and 1 successful company and put their convincing skills to use. And it doesn't end here, in the next rounds the participants will have to put their convincing skills to use! The adjectives at the start are starting to make sense now, right?


Binged watched Scam 1992 in one night?? Well, this event is a treat for people who find the word Stock Market fascinating! The idea that someone can beat the market isn't just a dream but a reality for a few. It's an opportunity for all of you to become fund managers and traders. Let's see who can seek alpha first!


Cosmos is conducted by the International Business Club, which would give all the students a platform to work as a team and plan to send people to space, not for exploration but travel. This event is innovatively designed to facilitate a continuous flow of creative and logical thinking. The basic aim of this event is to give students a platform to think and use their creativity to come up with ways to send people to space for travel. This will not only challenge their critical thinking but also give them a great opportunity to bring their dreams into reality.


'Quandary' is a quest that will bamboozle you at every stage. You might find it easy at times, but it will be difficult and there will be times when you perceive it to be tough, but it will be a one-click shot. The participants will have to be very alert, have quick innovative thinking, and keep on moving forward. It’s a digital treasure hunt and would require the participants to solve all problem statements in succession to win. It is made to test the analytical skills and thinking capacity of the participants.

BIZCON has proved to be a significant platform for novice professionals, over its past two iterations, to enhance their skills and improve themselves. This is done through the unbound unique experience that it provides the participants with. BIZCON is an event of the utmost quality and originality. So, what is there to wait for? Clear your schedules and register yourselves at the link given below to get a peek behind the corporate veil and get never-seen-before experiences.

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