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Intra Debate 2018

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Intra Debate 2018

Report of Intra Debate 2018

It is very rightly said that it is important to speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly, but always pursue solidarity.

With this thought, an intra debate was organized on 21st September by the debating society of Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, NOIDA.

The debate was in the form of British Parliamentary Style, the response to the debate was praiseworthy and the level of the debate was eulogizing with that being said, the event progressed with a very enlightening and motivating speech delivered by our respectable Director, Dr. Shrirang Altekar. He uplifted us by advising us as to how the debate shall prove to be meaningful and how each one of our fellow debaters should put in their best efforts to come up with finer solutions. The speech was followed by the lighting of the lamp by the Director himself, our faculty members and our hardworking and talented student coordinators. With this, the excited debaters proceeded for the registration and with the completion of the process, the debaters settled in their respective venues.

The debate was to be adjudicated by the three very experienced and scholarly students of the Delhi university namely, Karan Pawaria and Puranjay Trehan.

In effect, the debate sessions at different venues started with a total number of teams being 24.

As we reached to the end of the debate competition, the environment intensified as debaters were proving to be well informed about the sharp arguments with better points than one another. The competition proved to be much more fruitful than expected, with the adjudicators engrossed in evaluating the best of the best debaters in the segment.

As we proceeded to the much awaited moment of the day when finally the winners were to be announced the surroundings and the adrenaline was totally pumped up.

The Director, Dr. Shrirang Altekar blessed and awarded the best debaters.
1st Prize: Simran Singh and Vani 2nd Prize: Mihil Dixit and Manan 3rd Prize: Apoorv Jha and Varun Sagar

However, for all the debaters that couldn’t make it to the end, didn’t lose but gained more knowledge and experience and thus went home more motivated so as to perform even better next time.

Symvaad - SCMS NOIDA
SCMS NOIDA - Symvaad
Symvaad SCMS NOIDA - 2018
Symvaad SCMS NOIDA 2018
Intra Debate 2018 - SCMS NOIDA
Intra Debate 2018 SCMS NOIDA
SCMS NOIDA Symvaad 2018
SCMS NOIDA Symvaad - 2018