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On the 4th and 5th of March 2022, SCMS NOIDA organised the 5th edition of its annual cultural fest Symaroh in hybrid mode with the theme ‘Lost in Euphoria’. With an overwhelming response from colleges across Delhi-NCR region, Symaroh 2022 marked itself as one of the most remarkable events hosted by the institute. The entire campus had a vibe of Euphoria in the air because Aarang, the creativity club of SCMS NOIDA left no corner untouched and decorated the whole campus with beautiful artistry. Symaroh 2022 celebrated the togetherness of 1200+ participants from 30+ colleges across India.

On 4th March, 2022 the inauguration ceremony for Symaroh 2022 began with the lighting of the lamp followed by the inaugural speech delivered by the Head of the Organising Committee of Symaroh 2022, Divyansh Agarwal of batch 2019-2022. Leaving the audience excited about the two day mega fest full of fun, happiness and euphoria, The Faculty Incharge of Symaroh 2022, Dr. Kanishka Gupta declared Symaroh 2022 open!!

Symaroh began with astounding words of wisdom by Dr. K.P. Venugopala Rao, Director of SCMS NOIDA. The Director of SLS NOIDA, Dr. Chandrashekhar Rawandale expressed his views in his speech. The Inaugural ceremony came to an end as our chief guest for the day, Mr. Mandeep Arora, founder of UBON, inspired everyone in the audience with his experience and  left everyone in the hall ecstatic by his enthusiasm and cheerfulness. 

Followed by the stupefying Inaugural Ceremony, we finally started with the competitions which catered to the unique talent that each participant harboured within them. Events like Kirdaron Ka Khel (Dramatic Monologue), Cadenza (Singing Competition), Limitless (Limited Supply Competition), Pitch Perfect (Sales Pitch Competition), Sound Craft (Instrumental Competition Solo), Comedy Inn(Stand Up Comedy), Harmonic Gamble (Music Auction) and Colour Rush (Poster Making Competition), Movie Meme Quiz and Just A Minute (JAM) were held in online mode while the offline  events held simultaneously all over the campus on first day of Symaroh 2022 are as follows:

  • Entreprenow: An offline event held under the management vertical saw different groups of budding entrepreneurs pitch their business plans in front of the panel of judges.
  • Itsy Bitsy: Held in offline mode, the event witnessed the creativity of our participants while they made the best out of waste.
  • Fashion Events: Blend It and Yin Yang left the audience smitten by the participants' styling and fashion. 
  • Banging Beats: There is no better way to express your feelings than to dance them out! The incredible dance performances by various groups made the dance event one of the most thrilling series of activities on the first day.
  • Athletic Events: Symbi Classic and Tischtennis challenged the participants to push their boundaries and a chance to flaunt their fitness.  
  • Pixellence: The photography event got a bunch of talented photographers who beautifully captured various moments as a part of the competition.


After an exciting day of participating in the various events hosted, which was amplified by everyone mingling at the various stalls set up on the campus grounds, the first day of Symaroh 2022 concluded itself with a DJ Night in the Amphitheatre. Here, the students and participants were able to let loose and have the music take over them. The first day ended on a jovial note, with more events to follow for the next day.

The second day of Symaroh 2022 had an even more exciting buzz. Day two kicked off with all the competitions starting off at 11 AM in a hybrid mode. The events held in online mode were, Kissa Kirdaron Ka (Dramatic Short Movie), Logo Surge (Logo Designing Competition), Hit The Floor (Dance Competition), Fashion Fiesta, The Ultimate Gamble (Management Event), Art Bizarre (Caricature Art Competition), Brandathon (Marketing Case Event) and IPL Auction. One could watch each and every event unfold before the eyes while walking around the campus, Offline events held on the second day are as follows:

  • Music Events: While the angelic singing from the different groups performing in Euphonizer made the event a huge success, street rap is the latest trend in music! Battle of Bars captured the attention of the audience non-stop rap fight amongst the participants. Rock and Reign was another event in the category which saw various bands compete.
  • TischTennis: The intense contesting between the opposite sides of the tennis table, made the event an interesting affair for all the sport lovers. 
  • Nukkad Natak: Held at the entrance of college campus, participants attracted every passerby with their extraordinary dramatic skills.


As the competitions came to an end, all the participants, winners, faculty and the organising committee of Symaroh 2022 gathered in the Auditorium for the commencement of the closing ceremony. Performing Arts Heads, Saksham Srivastva and Apaar Dua of batch 2019-2022, and Head of the organising committee Symaroh 2022, Avnie Bansal of batch 2019-2022 delivered the vote of thanks, while sharing their experience of how through all the laughs and tears all the committee members were able to work together to put together a successful event.

The Deputy Director, Dr. Nidhi Phutela gave a few token words of appreciation to everyone and Mr. Abhinav Pal, Faculty Incharge of SAC delivered a vote of thanks, describing how he as a mentor himself was able to learn so much from working together with the event organisers and brought this glorious event to an end.

After the closing ceremony, it was finally time for the most awaited highlight of Symaroh 2022- Mr. Rahul Dua, The legendary stand up comedian. 

His sense of humour and amusing jokes left the audience amazed and everyone experienced their own euphorias of fun and excitement during the show. He lit up the audience with his quirky jokes and truly embodied the euphoric spirit of the event.

Following the Celebrity Night, The stage was set on fire by our DJ. Everyone had the time of their lives and all the students and participants danced their hearts out on the beats of music and gave the mega fest an astonishing and startling ending! There's a well-known adage that says, "All good things must come to an end." Although Symaroh 2022 has come to a close, the ambience and vibe that it created for all the people present left everyone ebullient and its spirit will endure in our hearts forever.

Some Geotagged photos from the event-