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With an influx of new talents from the batch of 2022-2024, the Performing Arts Club of SCMS NOIDA hosted Talent Bling to start off on the journey to give every freshman a memorable start to their college life. This event was the talent hunt round where the 1st year students were invited to perform and showcase their talents in front of an audience to get a chance to be nominated to perform on the main day of Freshers 2022.

It was a 1.5-hour event which was held in the Amphitheatre within the campus on 12th September 2022 at 3:30 pm. All the 1st year students came up to the stage to show their talents in different forms such as dancing, singing, drama and stand-up comedy. Each performance was unique and successfully lightened up the audience, which mainly consisted of all the students and faculty. All the Performing Arts vertical heads as well as OC vertical heads were present there, and two faculty-in-charge were the judges for the whole event.

Each participant was successful in giving hypnotizing performances, and this event helped in boosting the confidence within the freshers by giving them a chance to showcase their talents and skills in front of all their batchmates and seniors, and also helped in creating a friendly environment for the freshman so that they can be more comfortable with their seniors. The energy was at an all time high, which marked this event as a grand success.

Some Geo-tagged pictures of the event are-

Talent bling event at SCMS Noida
Talent bling event singing activity at SCMS Noida
Talent bling event photo at SCMS Noida
Talent bling event activity photo at SCMS Noida
Talent bling activity photo at SCMS Noida
Talent bling singing activity photo at SCMS Noida
Dr. Kanishka Gupta

(Faculty Incharge- Talent Bling, Freshers 2022)

Dr. Nidhi Phutela

(Officiating Director, SCMS NOIDA)