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Quiz o Tick

The International Business Club of SCMS NOIDA organized a quiz titled “Quiz-o-tick” on 29th of October, 2020 from 5:45 PM onwards.

The objective of the event was to test the participants on their knowledge and encourage them to explore the enthralling world of International Business and current affairs. The event also provided the students an opportunity to bridge the gap between academic learning and experiential learning by witnessing the practical application of what they have been learning in the world of business.

Students of SCMS NOIDA are engaged in online classes. Faculty as well as mentors of SCMS NOIDA understand that the students feel the need to partake in co -curricular activities for the development of their personality and channel their adeptness and creativity. Not losing sight of that, The International Business Club decided to organize an event that was an amalgamation of both knowledge and fun. The club had conducted a two round event named ‘Quiz-O-Tic’

The quiz was divided into two different rounds. Round 1 of the quiz, was ‘Crack the Code’, wherein the contestants were asked to solve an enigma/ puzzle in order to qualify for Round 2. The first seven participants to submit their answers had made it to the next round– ‘The Live Hot Seat Quiz’. This round consisted of a live quiz which tested students on their knowledge of not just International Business but on news from around the globe as well. The Live Quiz was a thrilling affair. This round, in itself, included a rapid-fire round, an eliminator round and the final buzzer round. The finalists made a judicious use of their lifelines – ‘50-50’ and ‘Flip the question’. The answers to all the questions were made known to the audience and the participants with certain extra facts. The quick answers by the finalists and the prodigal knowledge exhibited by them surprised everyone in the audience and professors to no end. 

Towards the end, the competition came down to two students Tushar Luthra, a student of 2018-21 batch and Ansh Sakhuja. a 2020-2023 batch student. Thereafter, Ansh, by giving 3 right answers out of 5 questions, was able to bag the winning title. The event concluded on a very pleasant note by vote of thanks from IB Club for all the participants for taking some time out from their busy schedule to participate in the event organized by them. Snapshots of the event are :