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In order to provide a platform to the researchers, academicians and practitioners from across the globe, SCMS NOIDA has been organizing International Conferences on various management themes. These research conferences engage the participants in proactive cooperation and provide them opportunities for networking with other researchers. The Conferences at SCMS NOIDA have grown as knowledge dissemination channels wherein the participants fruitfully deliberate on various management issues through an interdisciplinary approach.

So far, SCMS NOIDA has organized 5 International conferences:

  • INCONSYM 2013 – “Changing Dynamics in Global Village” (5-6 January 2013)
  • INCONSYM 2014 - “International Conference on Emerging Trends in Global Management Practices – An Interdisciplinary Approach” (7-8 March 2014)
  • INCONSYM 2015 – “Creating Opportunities in Emerging Markets – A Global Approach” (13-14 February 2015)
  • INCONSYM 2016 – “Changing Dynamics in Global Markets” (29-30 September 2016)
  • INCONSYM 2020 – “Business Transformation in Global Digital Era: Re-Innovate, Re-Strategize, Re-Model” (20-22 February 2020)
  • INCONSYM 2024 – “Global Business Transformation: Now, Next and Beyond” 30th & 31st January 2024

Many eminent speakers from across the world have shared their valuable insights during these conferences. Some of the speakers include His Excellency Radu Octavin DOBRE, Charge D’ Affaires - Embassy of Romania to India; His Excellency Ernest Rwamucyo, High Commissioner - Rwanda High Commission Dr. Anwar Hossain, Vice Chancellor-Southeast University, Dhaka, Bangladesh; Dr. Ajay Vinze, Associate Dean - International Programs, Arizona State University, USA; Dr. Prince Augustin, EVP - Group Human Capital & Leadership Development, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. , Mr. Vivek Mehra, Managing Director & CEO-SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd., and so on.